golden boy

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golden boy

Someone who is popular, admired, and successful. The term can imply that the individual's faults are overlooked. Jake was the golden boy of the team, much to the chagrin of his teammates.
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a golden boy

If you call a man a golden boy, you mean that they are very popular or successful. When the movie came out the critics went wild, hailing Tarantino as the golden boy of the 1990s. Note: You can describe a popular or successful woman as a golden girl. Jacqueline du Pré, with her flowing blond hair and good looks, was the golden girl of classical music in the sixties.
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golden boy

a very popular or successful man. informal
2005 Norman Lebrecht La Scena Musicale From the day he raised a baton as principal conductor in Birmingham in 1980 , Rattle has been the golden boy of classical music.
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a ˈgolden boy

a young man who is very successful and popular: He had been the golden boy of Welsh rugby.
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References in classic literature ?
Not impossible she Who shall command my heart and me,"-- without meeting at some turning of the way the mystical Golden Girl,--without, in short, finding a wife?
Golden girl Megan Bainbridge, 15, known in the ring as "Blizt it Bainbridge" won an unanimous decision against fellow national champion Alicia Parkes from Houghton and District ABC at the annual dinner show at Durham's Ramside Hall Hotel.
Golden girl Hannah posted a picture on Twitter showing the happy couple beaming from ear to ear and showing off her new engagement ring.
If they did, I'd spring for Dorothy, clearly the best Golden Girl, whose sarcasm is the thing of legend.
Golden Girl Granola will hold its first Blogger Recipe Challenge, with the winner receiving free granola for a year.
WINTER Olympics golden girl Lizzy Yarnold will lead Team GB at Sochi's closing ceremony today - after a gruelling 4,000-mile round trip to star on British TV.
You are Hollywood's Golden Girl, and you could've outshines every other female, if you had worn anything BUT this!
Summary: Olympics golden girl Jessica Ennis has been cheered on by thousands of people as she returned to her home city of Sheffield.
Then there is Sunderland-based Jimmy Gibbon, who with his father raced 1972-born Golden Girl.
Her recent portrayal of Peggy Ingram in Del Shores' Sordid Lives: "The Series shows that this golden girl still has the spunk to entertain and amaze, while staying humble.
That is what happened to Bahraini golden girl Ruqaya Al Ghasra at the Olympics.
Biesecker, Joe Bowie, and golden girl Julie Worden aced Pas de Poisson.
1 Be a golden girl Party on with precious metals--golds and bronzes are everywhere.
As the story progresses we learn that Dino is the school golden boy who has a longstanding yearning for Jackie, local golden girl.