Going strong

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(still) going strong

Continuing to be healthy, successful, or function properly. Smartphones are designed to become obsolete, but my old flip phone from 2004 is still going strong. My great-grandfather is 94 and going strong to this day!
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go strong

To proceed energetically or successfully. Grandpa is such an inspiration—he's 92 and still going strong with a more active social life than I have! Our marketing campaign is going strong this quarter, so I'm expecting a big bump in sales.
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Going strong

functioning well or energetically. We are still well and going strong.
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going strong

continuing to be healthy, vigorous, or successful. informal
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References in classic literature ?
Because a thing is going strong now, it need not go strong for ever," she said.
NEW YORK and CINCINNATI, May 11, 2010 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Offering a vibrant online destination for "boomers" who are living well and going strong, NBC Digital Networks today announced the launch of Life Goes Strong (www.
But despite dire warnings from doctors, she is still going strong and is now celebrating reaching her centenary.
Seventy years later, the relationship between the company and the uptown venue is still going strong, despite Sokolow's death in 2000.
McPherson, an ex-officio member of the California State World Trade Commission, said the state's exports are going strong, ``topping more than $160 million.
Out of that meeting, The Family Elite investment club was born and is still going strong after 15 years.
Don't Blink is their tenth album and clearly documents them as still going strong with the presentation of fourteen new and original songs.
They'll probably be going strong when this magazine celebrates 100 years.
New research suggests that with tiny tugs on the attacked cells' membranes, bacteria may pester the cells into living longer--and keeping infections going strong.
Founded by George Zimmer with a single store in Houston, Texas that opened in 1973 and is still going strong, the Men's Wearhouse, which prides itself on "delivering old-fashioned, neighborhood clothing store service in a friendly atmosphere," today boasts over 500 locations in 44 states.
To a New York viewer of a certain age there is a real redolence here of the East Village, and particularly the Semaphore East gallery--one thinks not only of artists who are still going strong, like Ellen Berkenblit, but also of names that have completely disappeared from view: Does anyone but me remember Felix Pene du Bois or Janet McKiernan?
I can't tell you how glad I am to see J@pan Inc going strong, at least editorially.
A year on, the Bradley Youth Group (BYG) is still going strong.
Other airlines such as Bearskin Airlines and Air Creebec are still providing services and are going strong, he says.
These heavyweights are bloody and scary, and still going strong, and this shit rocks.