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hug the porcelain god(dess)

and hug the throne
tv. to vomit; to vomit while holding on to the toilet seat. By “hug the porcelain god” I assume you are referring to vomiting into the toilet bowl? The girls drank a lot of beer and two of them spent the night hugging the porcelain god.
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sex goddess

n. a sexy-looking female movie or television star. I wonder what these sex goddesses look like when they get up in the morning.
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worship the porcelain god(dess)

tv. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. (Collegiate.) Somebody was in the john worshiping the porcelain god till all hours.
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It refers to how ancient texts and mythologies credited goddesses (implicitly women) with innovations in 'healing, writing, and the giving of just law', and in agriculture and animal husbandry (1976: 3-4).
It should be noted that Aphrodite may have lost her mantle as a patron of warriors in favor of other goddesses, mainly Athena, whose spheres of influence included courage and warfare and who assisted mythic Greek heroes like Achilles and Odysseus.
The armed goddesses sculpted during the following, Chola, period (9th-13th centuries) were carved conforming to the same iconography, which eventually spread as far as Cambodia in Southeast Asia.
By engaging in this line of inquiry, Clooney seeks to take divine gender seriously and to render these Hindu goddess hymns a resource for rethinking goddesses in feminist theory and feminist Christian theology.
Goddesses in bikinis and head dresses writhed around in the mud as they competed for a clay trophy replica of the Glastonbury Tor hill.
Launched in June 2008 by Abigail King (pictured on the website), My Domestic Goddesses is a story of hope and strength.
The position made her one of Nepal's top three goddesses, revered by Hindus and Buddhists.
Three of those goddesses grace the stage with their own individual styles: Hope Boykin, Alicia J.
Deftly documenting an emerging appreciation for, and understanding of, the historical impact of a diminished prominence of the Goddess (many of whose attributes were to be subsumed in the Christian cult of the Virgin Mary), Savage Breast expertly covers diverse female deities including such goddesses as Aphrodite, Artemis of Ephesus, Demeter, Hera, Hekate, and others.
Commune with angels and goddesses, understand fairies, and join author Doreen Virtue as she experiences a Sedona sweat lodge, visits a goddess temple, and journeys around the world in search of the nature and attributes of gods and angels.
She describes her book as "a tool for self-discovery through the wisdom of 28 goddesses from pagan, pre-Christian cultures from around the world.
Barbara Newman's rich and capacious study seeks to answer this question, investigating the pantheon of allegorical goddesses who peacefully coexist with medieval Christianity's monotheistic, triune god.
New book Gods And Goddesses In Love suggests the deities of ancient Greece can offer some insight into romantic relationships, as Lisa Haynes reveals.
Alternatively, the difference between South and North Indian goddesses remains a source of endless fascination for scholars and devotees alike, and might well have served as an intriguing organizational principle.