God help

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God/Heaven help somebody

1. something that you say in order to warn someone that they may be hurt or punished Heaven help you if your father catches you wearing his best jacket!
2. something that you say when you are worried about someone who is in a very dangerous or unpleasant situation God help anyone who has to be outdoors on a dreadful night like this!
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At times didactic and schematic, God Help the Child may represent a rare misstep for the acclaimed author.
Some of the songs Murdoch wrote for the film were recorded and released on a God Help The Girl album and EP Stills in 2009.
This is a chilling forecast of what may happen if, God help us, the Christian Coalition ever comes to power in this country.
Knight responded, "If stylish design has become the mainstream for painting in the 1980s, then God help us.
I've got two left feet on the pitch so God help me on the dancefloor
If they are the future or Britain, then all I can say is God help us.
We might even call it The Blair Branch, God help us all.
If they do make it, and it looks anything like this prototype, God help them.
McMoon, as pianist/narrator, progresses from being horrified to taking the role of -- God help him -- protector.
First, God help them if Roman Abramovich ever gets bored, pulls the plug and leaves them with the most unsustainable economic model the business world has ever seen.
God help the British media if John Prescott has read this.
But may God help us if we ever use religion for our own political ends.
The current $1,000 per person per election federal donation limit takes a Ross Perot out of the real debate unless he is willing to run for high office personally (and God help us then).
Jack Penate - Everything Is New God Help The Girl - God Help The Girl Dinosaur Jr - Farm Various - Dad Rocks The Mars Volta - Octahedron BELLE And Sebastian leader Stuart Murdoch has assembled an ensemble of talented girl singers including Catherine Ireton, Brittany Stallings, Anna Miles, Celia Garcia and Asya.