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We need him to stay, that's what every single player wants - and it's not your stock line, that's God's honest truth.
He added: "The God's honest truth is there was never so much as a wrong word between me and Eamonn.
Her voice is built on that bedrock of sober sadness that assures you that no matter how clever or elegant her lyrics, she's telling you God's honest truth.
Only since Pulp Fiction, and that's the God's honest truth.
He said: "Some people think I made this up, but it is the God's honest truth.
This is the God's honest truth - one of the things that we came up with was dignitary protection," Sheriff Martin Cuellar said of his meeting with Mayor Benjamin Galvan Gomez.
That's the God's honest truth, we're taking it very slowly," the Daily Mail quoted her as telling Cohen.
I punched him once - that's the God's honest truth - I only punched him once.
Every time he's said something like that, it's the God's honest truth," Sanchez said.
I want to know what really happened but I don't think we will ever get the God's honest truth, even if an inquest is ordered, because people just aren't bothered about finding out how he died.
At times it's tough to separate the God's honest truth from his facetiousness.
The following, like everything else in Sic, is allegedly the God's honest truth.
When this goes hard [points to his manhood] this goes soft [points to his head] and that is the God's honest truth.
I expected to knock David Price out, that's the God's honest truth, but I never expected it to be early.
When you go through a rape trial twice, surely people understand you are telling the God's honest truth.