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give me (a) five!

A request to give the speaker a five, that is, to slap his or her (usually) raised hand with one's own, as in a show of congratulation or celebration. I hear you aced your final exams! Give me five!
See also: give

Give me a break!

 and Gimme a break! 
1. Inf. Don't be so harsh to me!; Give me another chance! I'm sorry! I'll do better! Give me a break! I was only late once! Give me a break!
2. Inf. That is enough, you're bothering me!; Stop it! Do you have to go on and on? Give me a break! Give me a break, you guys! That's enough of your bickering!
3. Inf. I don't believe you!; You don't expect anyone to believe that! You say a gorilla is loose in the city? Gimme a break! Tom said he was late again because the back stairs caved in. His boss said, "Gimme a break!"
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Give me/us a break!

  (American & Australian informal)
something that you say when you do not believe what someone has just said 'You're going to run a marathon? Give me a break!'
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phr. give me. (Eye-dialect. Typical spoken English. Used in writing only for effect. Used in the examples of this dictionary.) Do you wanna gimme the thingy and lemme go ahead with my work?

Give me a break!

and Gimme a break!
1. exclam. That is enough!; Stop it! Do you have to go on and on? Give me a break!
2. exclam. Don’t be so harsh!; Give me a chance! I’m sorry! I’ll do better! Give me a break!
3. and GMAB exclam. & comp. abb. I don’t believe it!; You don’t really think I believe that! Come on, GMAB! How dumb do you think I am!
See also: give

Gimme a break!

See also: gimme