get inside

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get inside something

1. Lit. to go inside of something or some place. Get inside the house and wait for me. Get inside the car so you won't get wet.
2. Fig. to learn about the inner workings of something or some organization. I can't wait to get inside that company and see what makes it tick. Someone needs to get inside the boardroom and straighten things out.
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However, 150 people still attempt to get inside the Parliament and are taking away the national flags.
To get inside the lining cells on their way to the rest of the body, CVBs need to attach to a cell-surface receptor that's buried within the tight junction.
1 -- 2) Thomas Gibson, left, and Mandy Patinkin try to get inside the heads of serial killers in ``Criminal Minds'' on CBS, and Johnny Messner, right, stars as a detective chasing down the dregs of society in Fox's ``Killer Instinct.
Getting inside a pair of hot pants was like trying to get inside Fort Knox.
This patent covers the use of our technologies to knock down those occludin-based barriers, enabling drugs and the body's immune cells to more easily get inside tumors and attack them.
We rely on them to get inside the gangsters' minds.
Most conspicuously, Tua was unable to get inside on the taller Lewis.
Every time the American tried to get inside, he was either hit or tied up.