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(some score) from the East German judge

An imaginary and exaggeratedly low score for some event, action, statement, or attempt deemed to be a failure or inadequate in some way. It is a reference to judges from the former country of East Germany, who were often seen as giving unfairly low scores to competitors from other countries during international sporting events. I'd say that pitiful retort would only get you 2 out of 10 from the East German judges, my friend.
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German goiter

A large distended belly, as might result from heavy consumption of beer. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. I'd like to run a marathon some day, but first I need to do something about this German goiter of mine.
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German virgin

In poker, a starting hand of two nines. So called due to "nine, nine" sounding like the German nein, nein, meaning "no, no." Having been dealt a German virgin right off the bat, I was hoping for a third nine to be laid on the table.
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German wheel

A prop, often featured in circus performances, that looks like a life-size hamster wheel. A performer is positioned in the middle and rotates it. Come to the show, it'll be fun—there will be acrobats, trapeze artists, and people in German wheels!
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Milwaukee goiter

and German goiter (mɪlˈwɔki ˈgoɪdɚ and ˈdʒɚmən ˈgoɪdɚ)
n. a beer belly. (Refers to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a major beer-brewing city, and to Germany.) By the time he was twenty-six, he was balding and had a Milwaukee goiter that would tip him over if he turned too fast. If you want to get rid of that German goiter, stop drinking beer!
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German goiter

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Como poeta dedicado inteiramente a literatura, e vivendo senao para tentar o "desastre obscuro," para realizar o Livro para o qual convergiu toda a sua vida, para escrever a versao condenada e definitiva do seu unico assunto: o antagonismo do homem frente a sua fatalidade na existencia, o drama da impotencia criadora, da acao consciente do artista--o lance de dados--em luta com o acidental, com o acaso, Mallarme deixa o germen desse Grande Livro em obras como Igitur, Herodiade e Un Coup de Des (Grassi 35).
La tierra, al igual que la luna epitome de la feminidad, ya mencionada al hablar del germen fecundado gracias a la influencia de este astro, tambien reaparece contrastando con el sol.
1) El proyecto de la pelicula Lazaro de Tormes tiene su germen en la adaptacion para el teatro que compuso Fernando Fernan-Gomez en 1994 y que empezo a montarse con Rafael Alvarez, "El brujo", en el papel de Lazaro (caracterizacion que vuelve a asumir en la pelicula).
It is noteworthy that the Germen Company INIT Digital Communication is one of the leading international providers of information technology services, which offers a full range of solutions in modern information technology and digital communications.
Sameer Ahmed Siddiqi, Managing Director of Rohde & Schwarz Pakistan briefed the delegation that Rohde & Schwarz is a Germen Multinational company, world famous for its quality, precision and innovation in the fields of wireless communications for the last 80 years.
Yemen and KfW Germen Bank signed Wednesday an agreement of Euro 9.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Germen security forces arrested the ringleader and two senior members of an Iraq-based armed opposition of the Islamic Republic called Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan (PJAK) - an offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).
Out going Kurdistan region's Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani, discussed with a germen delegation, headed by Germany's Undersecretary of Economy and Technology, Karl Ernest Brown, German companies' investment in the region.
However many of businessmen exports vehicles from Japan, germen and Korea today here in Juba of southern Sudan's capital there's.
The report also received support from the Germen Organization for Technical Cooperation (GTZ).
Si quieres crear, lector, por el arte personas, agonistas-tragicos, comicos o novelescos, no acumules detalles, no te dediques a observar exterioridades de los que contigo conviven, sino tratalos, excitalos si puedes, quierelos sobre todo, y espera que un dia - acaso nunca - saquen a luz y desnuda el alma de su alma, el que quieren ser, en un grito, en un acto, en una frase, y entonces toma ese momento, metelo en ti y deja que como un germen se desarrolle en el personaje de verdad, en el que es de veras real.
JALALABAD (PAN): The Germen funded first press club inaugurated in the eastern Nangarhar province, officials said on Sunday.
South Valley Lawn And Garden Equipment Repair LLC, Reuben Germen, 233 N 5th St.
El problema--y, quiza, el germen de su solucion--es que, salvo demostracion de lo contrario, sin pasado no hay ni historia, ni memoria, ni identidad.