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by George

An exclamation of surprise. By George, I think we've finally blown the case wide open!
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Let George do it.

Fig. Let someone else do it: it doesn't matter who. Billie always says, "Let George do it." She is unwilling to help with things that don't interest her.
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let George do it

let someone else do the work or take the responsibility.
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1. tv. & in. to copulate [with] a woman. (Usually objectionable.) He was in the back room georging some dame.
2. in. to defecate. (Usually objectionable.) Man, I gotta george!
References in classic literature ?
By a fence he had stopped and beating like a giant woodpecker upon the top board had shouted at George Willard, condemning his tendency to be too much influenced by the people about him, "You are destroying yourself," he cried.
Out of the dream Wing Biddlebaum made a pic- ture for George Willard.
She's not one of my round dozen of nice girls -- aha, Master George, I see that in your face already
You know as well as I do, George, what I object to.
George, George," sobbed the convulsed girl, "think not of me; speak not of me--if it can cheer you at such a moment to know how much you are valued by me, no cold reserve shall be found on my part.
I think that we may safely say," returned Holmes, "that she is wherever Sir George Burnwell is.
But he was infinitely tolerant of the young, and had no desire to snub George.
For George, though you would not have suspected it from his exterior, was one of those in whose cerebra the grey matter splashes restlessly about, producing strong curtains and crisp dialogue.
George, laying a great and not altogether complimentary stress on his last adjective.
Fond as I am of cheese, therefore, I hold that George was right in declining to take any.
I brought it home, and before I sent it away, I pinned a slip of paper to it, bearing this inscription: "To your little daughter, from George Germaine.
As for this George Moore, who's gone and come back to life when everyone thought he was dead and done for, just like a man, I'm real sorry for him.
Even from the beginning, however, the really controlling forces in George Eliot's work were intellectual and moral.
When George, their handsome brother, ran off directly after breakfast, and dined from home half- a-dozen times a week, no wonder the neglected sisters felt a little vexation.
The United Bulldogs,' said Lord George, biting his nails most horribly, 'are a new society, are they not?