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just gay enough

(possibly offensive) Of a man, possessing a number of stereotypically homosexual qualities seen as attractive by women, while still being unambiguously heterosexual. I still want a man to be manly, but just gay enough that he can have a conversation about his emotions.
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with gay aˈbandon

(old-fashioned) without thinking about the results or effects of a particular action: Although she was nervous at first, she was soon singing and dancing with gay abandon.
Gay here means ‘happy and without cares’.
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(as) gay as pink ink

mod. having to do with an obviously homosexual person, usually a male. These two guys—as gay as pink ink—came in together.
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gay as pink ink

See also: gay, ink, pink
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Dr Who's having a spin-off starring the openly gay John Barrowm an as the "sexually confused" (ie gay) Dr Jack.
For mysterious reasons, they've dumped decent judges John Barrowman and Denise Van Outen in favour of Albert Square gay John Partridge, some bald casting director and the venerable Sheila Hancock.
Gay John Light, who was to be godfather to their unborn son, died with another friend.
The case at the heart of it all shouldn't really have been a laughing matter - a gay John Doe who'd had his John Thomas cut off.
The friendship between Diana and the openly gay John, who attended her funeral with his partner, David Furnish, and singer George Michael, also endeared the princess to the gay community.
Ataman says he made his film to fight such oppression, to expose his culture's brutality, macho posturing, and a sex trade where gay johns are so self-loathing that male prostitutes typically have to dress as women, as Lola's macho boyfriend demands he do.
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