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later, gator

A shortening of the childish rhyme "see you later, alligator." Later, gator! I'll see you again next week A: "Bye Daddy, have a nice day at work!" B: "Later gator!"
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and gator
n. a long, heavy, black segment of the outside of a tire, usually a truck tire, found on the highway. We dodged off onto the shoulder to avoid running over an alligator. A gator bashed in the bottom of my gas tank.



Later, gator

and L8R G8R
phr. & comp. abb. See you later, alligator. C U L8R G8R.
See also: gator
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The resulting stink is an odor only flies and gators stomach.
We could not break their trapping defense in the final quarter but we hit the big shots that mattered," said Gators coach Chito Victolero, who was chosen Coach of the Year.
Unlike the hunt the night before, the gators were not responding to Tate's calling.
Coach Archie Miller complimented the Gators, saying that just being on the floor with Florida gave Dayton a ''big-time feeling.
As the GATOR BOYS attempt to settle back into their lives in Florida, the balance of the team is upset when Paul abruptly introduces a newbie into the fold.
But for now, he's encouraged by the buzz the Grout Gator is generating in the janitorial/sanitation industry.
Our problem on the big gator I mentioned earlier was that we knew there were multiple gators in that lagoon, so although perfectly legal, we couldn't use a hook for fear of the wrong gator taking the bait.
The texting component of the system empowers Gators customers to more easily communicate with vendors that are out in the field.
Golf Gators are fun, comfortable and affordable golf shoes designed for people who take the 19th hole as seriously as the first 18.
This approach was something of a learning process for the Gators, who did not always find everything going to their liking this season.
This procedure wears down the gators before the final steps to safely bring them in.
And near the holes is where alligators choose to build nests that can hatch up to 30 to 40 baby gators each year and sometimes even local turtles, which may share the nest.
Patrick and Kimmra Kelly listed $321,363 in debts and $174,800 in assets, which included no value for either Gators, which closed in the summer, or Lil Gators.
s technology, which utilizes cutting-edge XML software language, information can be efficiently researched and rapidly integrated into GAC's GATORS system.
In the youngest gators, she says, "the contaminants are acting as [excess] androgens.