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garner something in

 and garner something up
to take something in and store it; to harvest something in and store it. (Originally referred to grain stored in a granary.) Will they garner the crop in on time this year? They had garnered in the entire crop by late October.
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Managing Partner Stephen Garner stated, "I have seen Seth excel in everything he has undertaken and I am excited to see that excellence coming into our law practice.
A separate settlement was reached with the hospital that employed emergency medical technicians who responded to the scene and did not aid Garner, he said in an emailed statement.
And "despite the recommendations of previous review panels, Mr Garner has not demonstrated any remediation or insight into his failings during this time and the panel concluded that he remains a signifi-cant risk to patients.
The Rockford Files ran from 1974 until Garner abruptly quit the series in 1980.
Frasier said Garner may have collapsed in the hog pen after suffering a heart attack or some other type of health problem.
In a wide-ranging interview with Credit Union Times, conducted shortly after assuming her new position, Garner set out her vision for where she saw Catalyst going.
Between 2002 and 2007 Garner, of Quarmby Road, Quarmby, claimed she was working as a yoga teacher or a self-employed beautician in order to obtain various mortgages.
Garner admitted possessing a Class A drug with intent to supply.
plan to consolidate the operations of the Garner group of companies.
David Garner, of Marlborough Road, Nuneaton, was told by the judge at Warwick Crown Court his despicable theft was "the meanest financial crime" he had ever seen.
The fraud was committed by Lawrence Davidson, the attorney who represented the plaintiffs, who filed suit against the hospital for the Garner family.
Jennifer Garner says part of the attraction of "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" was the chance to work with Matthew McConaughey.
Garner on Language and Writing" is a law discussion from Bryan Garner discussing th many problems in today's legalese writing from all levels of discussion.
Paul Garner was driving through the Mersey tunnel towards Birkenhead when he spotted roadside police.