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be in a blue funk

1. To be in a melancholy, depressed, or dejected state. Jill has been in a blue funk ever since her wife moved out.
2. To be in an extremely anxious, nervous, or fearful state. I was in a blue funk waiting to hear the outcome of the surgery.
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be in a (blue) funk

slang To feel sad or unhappy for a lengthy period of time. Ever since I got rejected from my first-choice college, I've been in a funk. I'm taking Don out tonight because he's been in a blue funk since his wife left him.
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funked out

Sl. intoxicated. Do you think you can go through life funked out all the time? Are you funked out again?
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in a (blue) funk

sad; depressed. I've been in a blue funk all week. Don't get in a funk about your job. Things'll get better.
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blue funk, in a

1. In a state of panic or terror. For example, Just because the bride's mother is late, you needn't get in a blue funk. This term originated in the mid-1700s as in a funk, the adjective blue, meaning "affected with fear or anxiety," being added a century later.
2. In a state of dejection, sad. For example, Anne has been in a blue funk since her dog died. This usage employs blue in the sense of "sad"-a meaning that first emerged in the late 1300s. Also see have the blues.
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blue funk

(ˈblu ˈfəŋk)
n. a state of depression. You’ve got to get out of your blue funk and get back to work.
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fake the funk

tv. to pretend to be in the know; to pretend to be fly; to fake being stylish. (Black.) He’s only faking the funk to survive in the hood. He gets an A in every class in school.
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1. n. a bad odor; a stench. What is that ghastly funk in here?
2. n. tobacco smoke. Most of those important decisions are made by party hacks in funk-filled back rooms.
3. n. a depressed state. I’ve been in such a funk that I can’t get my work done.
4. n. cowardice; terror. She suffers this terrible funk whenever she has to give a talk.
5. n. a kind of blues rock; jazz based on gospel music. Man, groove on that funk, would ya?

funked out

mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. Do you think you can go through life funked out all the time?
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mod. damnable. (Euphemistic for fucking. Usually objectionable.) Who put this funking milk crate in the hall?
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in a blue funk

mod. sad; depressed. Don’t be in a blue funk. Things’ll get better.
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