from hell

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(someone or something) from hell

Someone or something that is extremely unpleasant or unbearable. God, Mr. Johnson was the gym teacher from hell! He used to make us run laps until we thought we were going to throw up. We were stuck in the traffic jam from hell last weekend. Nearly four hours spent going nowhere!
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someone or something from hell

Fig. someone or something that is terrible or unbearable. I just attended the meeting from hell! It was quite a strain on all of us. We live next to the neighbors from hell. They are constantly fighting and their vicious dog terrorizes our kids.
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from hell

COMMON You can use from hell after a noun to refer to something or someone extremely unpleasant. Their longed-for break turned into the holiday from hell. She'd just had the haircut from hell. Note: This expression is often used humorously.
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— from hell

an extremely unpleasant or troublesome instance or example of something. informal
1998 Times As for Ellie Sykes , who calls herself ‘the skating mum from hell’, she's pushier still.
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from ˈhell

(informal) used to describe a very unpleasant person or thing; the worst that you can imagine: They are the neighbours from hell.
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The Toronto beatnik scene also inspired Furie's second feature, A Cool Sound from Hell.
95, they'll even throw in a bottle of Dirt from Hell.
But Miss McNeill said: "I'm not the neighbour from hell - I'm living in hell.