put the frighteners on

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put the frighteners on somebody

  (British old-fashioned, informal)
to threaten someone He said he wouldn't pay up so I sent my brothers round to put the frighteners on him.
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Just as The Frighteners takes psychic con man Frank Bannister (Michael J.
STEVE EVANS wants former Town winger Lionel Ainsworth to put the frighteners on Rotherham's rivals after making him his eighth close-season recruit.
While Carl is the most unconvincing villain in Soapland, he does manage to put the frighteners on Ian who quickly changes his mind, if only to make sure he keeps enough fingers on his hands to remain a top chef.
So don't put the frighteners on, as we diabetics know the system - and if we are careful we can lead a normal life, obesity or not.
THIS is a timely release of the special threedisc version of Peter Jackson's visually dazzling 1996 horror-comedy With King Kong doing a roaring trade in cinemas, The Frighteners proves the Kiwi director has more up his sleeve.
Dave Courtney, former friend of the Kray twins and said to be the inspiration for Vinnie Jones's character in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, will lead the group who will put the frighteners on the audience at a Halloween charity night.
DANGER MAN: Ronaldo has put the frighteners on Kenny Cun-; ningham; PORT OF CALL: England's Ledley Kingand Wayne Bridge arrive at their hotel today
June 17 /PRNewswire/-- Universal Pictures, in conjunction with Film Scouts(TM) will present a live on-line chat with The Frighteners director/co-writer/co-producer Peter Jackson on Friday, June 21, 1996 at 9:00 pm EST.
PAUL GASCOIGNE has doffed his cap at Shamrock Rovers for putting the frighteners into Tottenham.
On Halloween, let's hope the frighteners will be on the Liverpool dressing room.
A fearsome sight with a huge flattened head and rows of sharp pointed, curving teeth, this weirdo puts the frighteners on any passing meals with fins - not to mention some humans.
The Purple Monster were hoping to put the frighteners on Rafa Benitez's men after beating Oceania champions Sydney FC in the opening round but it was Liverpool's red giant who did the damage with a couple of well taken goals.
FRANK BENNETT insists the Scottish Rocks can put the frighteners on their BBL rivals if they see off Newcastle Eagles tomorrow at Braehead.
CALL centre staff in Liverpool put the frighteners on for charity.
NIGEL MARTYN is hoping Peter Schmeichel does not put the frighteners on Leeds' bid to return to the top of the Barclaycard Premiership table tomorrow.
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