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neither fish, flesh, nor fowl

Neither one thing nor another; not belonging to any suitable class or description; not recognizable or characteristic of any one particular thing. We require a solution that directly deals with the issue at hand, but what the chancellor has put forward is, to my mind, neither fish, flesh nor fowl.
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run foul of (someone or something)

To be in severe disagreement, trouble, or difficulty with someone or something; to be at odds with someone or something, especially due to disobeying rules or laws. Always look into the laws of any place you visit, or you may end up unwittingly running foul of the local police. Ms. Banks has run foul of this university for the last time. She is no longer welcome here!
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neither fish nor fowl

Cliché not any recognizable thing. The car that they drove up in was neither fish nor fowl. It must have been made out of spare parts. This proposal is neither fish nor fowl. I can't tell what you're proposing.
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be neither fish nor fowl

if something is neither fish nor fowl, it is difficult to describe or understand because it is like one thing in some ways but like another thing in other ways The hovercraft has always suffered from the fact that it is neither fish nor fowl.
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neither fish nor fowl

Also, neither fish nor flesh; neither fish, flesh, nor fowl. Not one or the other, not something fitting any category under discussion. For example, They felt he was neither fish nor fowl-not qualified to lead the department, yet not appropriate to work as a staff member either . This expression appeared in slightly different form in John Heywood's 1546 proverb collection ("Neither fish, nor flesh, nor good red herring") and is thought to allude to food for monks ( fish, because they abstained from meat), for the people ( flesh, or meat), and for the poor ( red herring, a very cheap fish).
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neither fish nor fowl

Having no specific characteristics; indefinite.
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neither fish nor fowl

Having no specific characteristics or category, not easily characterized. The phrase, which was originally “neither fish nor flesh nor fowl,” appeared in slightly different form in a 16th-century collection of proverbs as “neither fish, nor flesh, nor good red herring”: fish for monks who ate no meat, flesh for people who could afford meat, and cheap herring for the poor. The phrase is reminiscent of the old riddle: What is neither fish nor flesh, feathers nor bone/but still has fingers and thumbs of its own? Answer: a glove.
See also: fish, fowl, neither, nor
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It had taken a lot of planning and hard work but it was really good fun," recalls Fowles.
Fowles admitted six offences under the Trademarks Act and asked for evasion of PS12,000 duty to be taken into consideration.
Ms Fowles said: "One of the biggest aims is to spread the skill of hand knitting.
However he later told the court that Fowles had not only pleaded guilty at the first opportunity but also made the claims as a result of an abusive and controlling relationship with her husband.
A series of drives near the home line were all repelled, Macclesfield cleared their lines, and when Cov kicked from defence, Fowles caught the ball 45 metres out and weaved through a static defence to score a glorious solo try which Winney converted before adding a penalty deep in added time on either side of two more thwarted Cov attacks when they did everything but get the ball over the line.
Martin Fowles, who runs the Cigydd butcher's shop in Copperhill Street at the rear of the pub, said he was told by police to lock his door and stay inside.
Jennifer Fowles might have landed herself in more trouble after misinforming the Probation Service and persisting with the "fiction" of the illness.
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Because of her background in ballet, tap and jazz, Fowles was chosen to assist Mia Kang, a professional dance instructor from Patsy Swayze's Dancers Studio.
Alex Fowles, aged 21, said: "It doesn't have to be all or nothing - people can make simple choices which are better for the environment.
Mr Fowles takes the view that the extra rates hit could do exactly the reverse of what the government is seeking to achieve.
Often women who have been out of the work force for an extended period have incredible skill sets but are unsure how to re-ignite their careers," said Sarah Fowles, President of Yummy Mummy Careers Corp.
Falkirk Council solicitor Annabell Fowles told the hearing it was "illogical" that residential homes did not have thermostats, which are required in nursing homes.
Andrew Marlow, aged 16, from Erdington, Tyrone Fowles, aged 15, from Castle Vale, Richyal Rana, aged 16, from Hodge Hill, Lois Smith, aged 15, from Ward End and Bethan Dovey, also 15, from Solihull, will be making speeches in front of 300 of their peers, in the powerhouse of British politics.
John Fowles, a member of the action group, said: 'Before Sarah Pugh Jones died, she tried to ensure that the field would be kept for pastoral purposes.