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to a fare-thee-well

1. To a state or condition of utmost perfection or completion. Her new house is absolutely gorgeous! They've designed it to a fare-thee-well.
2. To the greatest or furthest degree possible. After the economy crashed, the government began whittling down social welfare to a fare-thee-well. The home team trounced their opponents, beating them to a fare-thee-well.

fare thee well

The highest degree; perfection. Wow, you really played that part to a fare thee well—I'm so impressed!
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to a fare-thee-well

To the most extreme degree, especially a condition of perfection. For example, We've cleaned the house to a fare-thee-well, or He played the part of martyr to a fare-thee-well. This term first appeared as to a fare-you-well in the late 1800s, and the more archaic-sounding present form replaced it about 1940.

fare against

To perform or function at a level comparable with that of something or someone else: I wonder how well the new car models fare against the old ones.
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fare up

To perform or function successfully at a level comparable with or equal to that of something or someone else; fare against: They worked hard to win the competition, but in the end they didn't fare up. My performance didn't fare up to that of the other players.
See also: fare, up
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Juniors: 1 Omar Fareed (Egypt), 2 Richard Eyles (UK).
Hours after arriving in the hospital, Fareed went into a coma and passed away three days later, according to Al Basha.
The GDN earlier reported that a policeman, who testified in court, said Mr Fareed was killed as he was on his way to perform evening prayers.
Fareed Khan won the May 11 general elections of the provincial assembly as a independent candidate and joined PTI to form government in the province.
So, I am not justifying Fareed Zakaria's recent transgressions, but I think we will see more of this sort of thing as we experience this era, in which instant media technology is making us into technology addicts.
So, what made someone like Fareed Zakaria fail to credit a New Yorker article by Professor Jill Lepore about gun control?
That blog post has been removed and CNN has suspended Fareed Zakaria while this matter is under review," (http://cnnpressroom.
Fareed said that one of the policemen died on the spot, two in the DHQ Hospital and another on way to the Ayub Medical Complex in Abbottabad.
Fareed Asadi has joined Black Pearl Capital as chairman, effective March 1, 2009.
Fareed Zakaria, the editor of Newsweek International, presents in this lengthy essay a comparison of the British Empire at the turn of the twentieth century and the United States in the early 2000s.
By Rafael Nam The sleepy South Korean city of Asan is a long way from Baghdad, but 19-year-old Iraqi Dany Riad Fareed looks perfectly at home as he plays soccer on a grassy pitch.
To his credit, Harris is willing to cite contrary views, such as Fareed Zakaria's in The Future of Freedom that, "The trouble with thundering declarations about Islam's 'nature' is that Islam, like any religion, is not what books make it, but what people make it.
In a recent essay, Newsweek's international affairs editor Fareed Zakaria (CFR) pointed out that the WTO is, in effect, a UN with teeth.
Figures from academia, politics, and media--Paul Berman, Thomas Friedman, Fred Kaplan, Kenneth Pollack, Fareed Zakaria, Jeff Jarvis, Andrew Sullivan, Michael Ignatieff, and many others--defended the forward strategy as the main objective of the war.