Familiarity breeds contempt

Familiarity breeds contempt.

Prov. People do not respect someone they know well enough to know his or her faults. The movie star doesn't let anyone get to know him, because he knows that familiarity breeds contempt.
See also: breed, contempt

Familiarity breeds contempt.

something that you say which means if you know someone very well or experience something a lot, you stop respecting them You two are going to find it difficult living and working together. Familiarity breeds contempt, you know.
See also: breed, contempt

familiarity breeds contempt

Long experience of someone or something can make one so aware of the faults as to be scornful. For example, Ten years at the same job and now he hates it-familiarity breeds contempt. The idea is much older, but the first recorded use of this expression was in Chaucer's Tale of Melibee (c. 1386).
See also: breed, contempt
References in classic literature ?
As they by no means improved on better acquaintance, and as familiarity breeds contempt, he resolved to banish them from his thoughts by dint of hard walking.
FAMILIARITY breeds contempt but as far as Nuneaton Town and tomorrow's visitors Luton are concerned it's more like mutual respect.
Child obesity has featured ever more in headlines in recent years and perhaps familiarity breeds contempt.
Football remains a genuinely exciting experience that can bring people together, but like anything in life familiarity breeds contempt.
These days familiarity breeds contempt, even at World Cups, where nothing is a surprise and opponents often know each other through club matches.
Whether familiarity breeds contempt remains to be seen.
The short answer is that Dubai is not such a big place and familiarity breeds contempt.
Sometimes it's a case of familiarity breeds contempt, sometimes it's sheer laziness, while in some cases it's a matter of physically being unable to get up there.
I think it must be true that familiarity breeds contempt.
There's always a danger familiarity breeds contempt but the Triple Crown is still worth winning," he said.
GLENN Hoddle is hoping familiarity breeds contempt for Plymouth's overworked defenders as Wolves tackle the Pilgrims for the second successive Saturday in tomorrow's FA Cup tie.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder; but familiarity breeds contempt, and out of sight, out of mind.
They say familiarity breeds contempt and the ubiquitous Ford Focus is certainly a familiar sight.
They are at risk (a) because they have a higher exposure rate, but mainly (b) because familiarity breeds contempt.
THEY say familiarity breeds contempt, so it's good to be reminded sometimes just how brilliant The Beatles actually were.