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1. The doctrine that the government should not be involved with nor controlling of businesses. The new president has vowed to take a position of laissez-faire to undo the overregulation of businesses practiced by the previous administration.
2. A stance or desire that one will not control or be involved with the actions of other people. It seems to be in vogue recently for parents to be laissez-faire with their children, allowing them total freedom without structure or discipline.


The ability to act appropriately or handle or respond to any social situation; tact. The phrase is French for "to know how to do." You could learn a lot about how to deal with people by studying the savoir-faire with which she moves around any room.

savoir ˈfaire

(from French, approving) the ability to behave in the appropriate way in certain situations: He was renowned throughout the diplomatic world for his savoir faire.
The meaning of the French phrase is ‘know how to do’.
See also: faire, savoir
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L'AIPT est une occasion sans precedent pour les geoscientifiques Canadiens de faire part a tous de ce que nous savons atre une partie integrale, excitante et importante de la vie de chacun--de faire de la geologie et du monde qui nous entoure quelque chose de vivant dans l'esprit du public ainsi que de promouvoir notre profession a tous les niveaux.
In a similar way, laissez faire capitalism and Objectivism are doctrine driven, leading to what some Humanists have termed "market fundamentalism.
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Ces activites ont plusieurs mandats dont integrer les nouveaux etudiants de la faculte aux autres plus vieux qui etaient tous en stage l'automne, faire connaitre le genie chimique a la communaute des ecoles secondaires et collegiales dans la province, approfondir nos connaissances en genie chimique.
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