Fair's fair

Fair's fair.

something that you say in order to tell someone that a particular type of behaviour is fair Fair's fair, Chris. You chose where to eat last time so it's my turn this time.
See also: fair
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Even though I don't agree with his politics, fair's fair.
Fair's fair - and I'm whispering the next bit - they're right.
FAIR'S fair and I'll confess to being as quick to bay like one of Pavlov's dogs when our Assembly gets things wrong,but this is some good news.
fair's fair,' she wrote, 'I promise to keep my cute, well-behaved and sweet-smelling collie cross away from your green spaces if you promise to keep your cute but (no doubt) snot-nosed, urine-smelling, screaming, indulged and generally appallingly badly behaved son away from my restaurants, shops, aircraft, cinemas and all other parts of the adult world where he does not belong.
Fair's fair Colin, and what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.
So fair's fair," Siddle told Radio Sports National.
But, fair's fair, he is sensational in the title role and is unlikely to disappear into relative obscurity like original star Ralph Macchio (last seen as Archie Rodriguez in Ugly Betty).
I mean, fair's fair, you cannot let slip that you're going out on the razzle without filling in the missing pieces.
Fair's fair to Monty, however, for when he was there he was good value.
The Halifax bank's Fair's Fair diversity in employment programme is said to have changed the bank's culture and boosted business generally.
I am not saying we should return to the days of Chopper Harris and Norman "bite yer legs" Hunter when, unless the bone was sticking out after a tackle, it was hardly deemed a foul but, come on lads, fair's fair.
Fair's fair, should be your motto and everyone will be happier if you practice what you preach.
Well, you made us listen to music that made our ears bleed, so fair's fair.