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with the exception of

With the exclusion of a particular thing. I really enjoy my new job, with the exception of the long hours.
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The exception proves the rule.

Prov. Something that does not follow a rule shows that the rule exists. (Often used facetiously, to justify some rule you have proposed but which someone else has listed exceptions. From a Latin phrase meaning that an exception tests a rule.) Ellen: Men are always rude. Jane: But Alan's always polite. And Larry and Ted are polite, too. Ellen: They're just the exceptions that prove the rule. Bill: All the shows on TV are aimed at people with low intelligence. Alan: What about that news program you like to watch? Bill: The exception proves the rule.
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make an exception (for someone)

to suspend a rule or practice for someone in a single instance. Please make an exception just this once. The rule is a good one, and I will not make an exception for anyone.
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take exception

 (to something)
1. to take offense at something. I must take exception to your remark. Sue took exception to Fred's characterization of Bill as a cheapskate.
2. to disagree with something. I have to take exception to the figure you quoted. The manager took exception to the statement about having only three employees.
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be the exception that proves the rule

if you say something is the exception that proves the rule, you mean that although it does not support the statement you have made, the statement is usually true This woman is the exception that proves the rule that it is impossible to be a warmonger and a feminist at the same time.
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except for

Also, with the exception of. Other than, were it not for. For example, Except for Jack, everyone came to the party, or With the exception of the weather, everything went extremely well. [c. 1600]
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exception proves the rule, the

An instance that does not obey a rule shows that the rule exists. For example, John's much shorter than average but excels at basketball-the exception proves the rule . This seemingly paradoxical phrase is the converse of the older idea that every rule has an exception. [Mid-1600s]
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make an exception

Exempt someone or something from a general rule or practice, as in Because it's your birthday, I'll make an exception and let you stay up as late as you want . This expression was first recorded about 1391.
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take exception to

Disagree with, object to, as in I take exception to that remark about unfair practices. This idiom, first recorded in 1542, uses exception in the sense of "objection," a meaning obsolete except in a few phrases.
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except for

Were it not for: I would join you except for my cold.
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take exception

To express opposition by argument; object to: took exception to the prosecutor's line of questioning.
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Although school districts apply for exceptions under Act 1, many do not enact the maximum tax rates granted through the exception process.
The not so good news: The cap exception is valid for 2006 only.
It cannot compensate for that failure now with the bold argument that there can be no RFRA exceptions at all to the Controlled Substances Act.
The motor vehicle exception to the Fourth Amendment, first recognized by the Supreme Court in Carroll v.
All of this enables exceptions and issues to be proactively addressed before they flow downstream and cause revenue leakage, high DSOs and customer dissatisfaction--and become costly to resolve.
When this is not done, the reinsurer may forfeit credibility when finger-pointing over ostensible exceptions.
CPAs must understand each of the four perspectives of materiality to be able to estimate the effect of key control exceptions on an SEC registrant's fair presentation of its financial statements in compliance with sections 302 and 404.
Exceptions discriminate and offend against Section 15 of the Charter; for example, in Rodriguez where an exception in favour of doctor-assisted suicide was sought, Justice A.
3) Provides a method for consumers to prevent a financial institution from disclosing that information to most nonaffiliated third parties by "opting out" of that disclosure, subject to the exceptions in sections 216.
Since these exceptions are, to my mind, unjustified, I don't believe any of them support capitalization.
Reed acknowledged that the platform language is widely seen as permitting no exceptions, but he said, ``It's been taken to mean that quite erroneously.
However, to the extent that the final rule clarifies or interprets certain provisions, and exercises the Secretary's authority to promulgate additional exceptions through regulations,.
378 to the Provider Reimbursement Manual has clarified the process by which skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) can request interim exceptions to the routine cost limit.
CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom -- A new tool called Exception Hunter from Red Gate could go a long way in eliminating application crashes caused by unhandled exceptions that currently plague application developers and end-users.