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distance lends enchantment (to the view)

When one is removed from something, it becomes deceptively appealing. But you hated that rickety old house when we lived there! Remember that distance lends enchantment to the view.

Distance lends enchantment (to the view).

Prov. Things that are far away from you appear better than they really are. Jill: High school was the happiest time of my life. Jane: But that was fifteen years ago. I think distance lends enchantment to the view.
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Paralleling this, fantasy and writing about fantasy served as enchantments of utmost importance to him beginning in childhood.
This reading gives us reason to believe that, surrounded by the ordinary enchantments of family love, Sam will live happily ever after.
At the center of Tolkien's enchanted edifice in The Lord of the Rings is the idea that the enchantment out of which this edifice is built must fade.
But I am also adding to these readings of the content the idea that this content of loss is in constant tension with the enchanting form of The Lord of the Rings and Tolkien's other works: the loss undoes the enchantment, while at the same time the enchantment undoes the loss.
I follow Curry in using Tolkien's own words to define enchantment (although Tolkien did not specifically use the word "enchantment" at this moment): "the primal desire at the heart of Faerie [is] the realization, independent of the conceiving mind, of imagined wonder" ("On Fairy-Stories" 35) Related to this is Tolkien's definition of "recovery," by which he meant "We should meet the centaur and the dragon, and then perhaps suddenly behold, like the ancient shepherds, sheep and dogs, and horses--and wolves [.
These descriptions of enchantment are in accord with Freud's analysis in Totem and Taboo of the pre-modern, enchanted worldview as being typified by animism and projection (experiencing the nonhuman world as alive in a humanlike way, filled with creatures/spirits/gods that represent parts of our selves).
Thus, these sounds of ecstatic enchantment represent and comprise Ross's praxis of philosophy as poetry, poetry as philosophy.
He thus substitutes the entanglement of disenchantment with enchantment for Michel Foucault's vision of power: diffused, embodied in discourse, neither an agency nor a structure, but a pervasive regime of truth.
As Ross argues, enchantment unsettles "all forms of mastery and authority, divine authority and priestly mastery as well as academic authority and scientific mastery"(14).
Enchantment seems to be always self-referential, a begging of the question, a leap of faith.
But I am afraid that he will alienate a large portion of a sympathetic audience, thus contributing more to the spirit of disenchantment than to the spirit of enchantment he favors.
Enchanting Enchantments -- Just as important as any creature
or sorcery, enchantments can easily swing the tide of battle.
which destroys an enemy duelist's last cast enchantment.
Acclaim's Magic: The Gathering - BattleMage offers gamers two modes of play: "Duel Mode" allows players to build a customized library of spells, artifacts and enchantments, and duel against the computer.