eat (one) alive

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eat (one) alive

1. To bite one excessively, as of insects. If you're out here at dusk, the mosquitos will eat you alive.
2. To overwhelm and/or easily defeat one due to being more aggressive, powerful, etc. Our team isn't very good, and I'm worried that the competition at this level will eat us alive. Lena is so meek, I worry about her moving to the city. They're going to eat her alive.
3. To criticize one harshly. The teacher will eat you alive if you come in without your homework again today.
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eat somebody aˈlive

1 (also have/eat somebody for ˈbreakfast) criticize or punish somebody severely because you are extremely angry with them
2 (also have/eat somebody for ˈbreakfast) defeat somebody completely in an argument, a competition, etc: The defence lawyers are going to eat you alive tomorrow.The union leader eats managers for breakfast!
3 (usually used in the passive) (of insects, etc.) bite somebody many times: I was being eaten alive by mosquitoes.
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eat (someone) alive

To overwhelm or defeat thoroughly: an inexperienced manager who was eaten alive in a competitive corporate environment.
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References in classic literature ?
I could certainly eat you alive," Martin said, in turn running insolent eyes over the other's disease-ravaged frame.
You are like all the rest," she said; "they trick you and eat you alive.
You bring out the worst in me, I'll eat you alive," he added.
Give her a stick and tell her it's a pinata Coronation Street She's going to eat you alive, Dev The wait is finally over - fans rejoice, as Dev and Erica finally become more than just good friends.
The former Girls Aloud singer joked to Ben: "She's going to eat you alive later.
The surface is old, crusty concrete with exposed aggregate that's just waiting to eat you alive.
CHELTENHAM will eat you alive and despite putting up several decent-priced winners I'm still waiting to strike it rich.
Bruce told him, 'It will eat you alive and ruin any progress if you stay in the past.
So people, watch these vultures who want to eat you alive when you are weak and helpless.
You never know if you look at the eyes of a shark whether they're going to buy you a drink or eat you alive.
The band opened their set with My Generation, followed by hits like Show Me What You Got, Eat You Alive, Hot Dog, Break Stuff, Re-arranged and Nookie.
A terrifying place frequented by stag parties, hen parties, Viking marauders, rabid dogs, drunken Wags and other nightmare-inducing characters that would sooner eat you alive and pimp out your grandmother than share a nice glass of wine over a decent dinner - or so I'm told by herbal tea-drinking types busy worrying about the rainforests while holding on to the monstrous Saturday edition of their favourite newspaper.
Rub insect repellant with DEET on your skin so the bugs don't eat you alive.
Unfortunately, that perfect finish isn't where ``Hollywoodland'' actually ends, highlighting the biggest problem with a movie that shuffles back and forth between characters and genres but only succeeds when exploring the ways that Hollywood can eat you alive.
All the guys said the place will eat you alive,' he said.