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(one) puts (one's) pants on one leg at a time

Someone being spoken of or referred to is just an ordinary human being. Used especially in reference to someone who is of an elevated social status, such as a celebrity, star athlete, member of royalty, etc. The phrase is often followed by "just like everybody else." Primarily heard in US. Because our only interaction with celebrities is through the media, it's easy to forget that they put their pants on one leg at a time, just like everybody else. The superstar comedian's latest non-fiction book provides a quirky insight into her day-to-day life, and reminds you that she puts her pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us. I might be the youngest billionaire in the world, but I still put my pants on one leg at a time!
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el cheapo

(ɛl ˈtʃipo)
1. n. the cheap one; the cheapest one. (Mock Spanish.) I don’t want one of those el cheapos.
2. mod. cheap. This is el cheapo. I don’t want it.
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(el) primo

((ɛl) ˈprimo)
mod. [of something] top quality. (From Spanish for the first.) I want some more of that el primo C.
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The new scheme is expected to make payments of around pounds 33/ha for Severely Disadvantaged Area (SDA) and moorland fields or pounds 12/ha for moorland fields bigger than 15ha, in addition to the ELS payment due to the farm.
Immediately, the Bentley ELS will give WRSL a quick, cost-effective way to offer its clients creative technical alternatives and solutions in support of all projects.
We are very aware that farm businesses have a wide range of reasons for having not entered into ELS, such as not having the time to think about and formulate an ELS application.
Honeywell's ELS will be based on the the newest member of Apple's high-performance Macintosh Quadra line, the Quadra 800.
As a strategic benefit, the Bentley ELS helps organizations such as GS Engineering & Construction become more agile.
As a strategic benefit, Bentley ELS helps organizations such as Infotech Enterprises become more agile.
Ron Heineman, CEO of Resolve and ELS, stated, "The merger of ELS and Resolve will establish us as one of the nation's top Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) companies.
Added Michael Hill, Southern Company IT senior systems analyst, "Being able to quickly access Bentley's comprehensive ELS portfolio whenever and wherever required will help us achieve the highest quality in our critical design work, while improving the efficiency of our workflows.
When it comes to engineering and geospatial software selection, the ELS frees our technical teams from typical purchasing and licensing constraints, allowing them to make their choices based on their knowledge and years of experience.
ELS led by two shots going into the 14th hole, but a bogey and a disastrous five at the par three 16th cost him even a share of the lead.
Multiple Grammy(R) Award-winning producer/engineer Elliot Scheiner, collaborator on Panasonic's acclaimed ELS Surround(R) audio system, took home the Emmy(R) Award for Outstanding Sound Mixing for his work on the Eagles Farewell Tour Live from Melbourne.
One key initiative of Privileged Access was the leasing of sites in certain ELS properties for the purpose of introducing flexible use products such as vacation club, membership, and fractional-use resort cottages.
We're delighted to continue our relationship with Acura and especially in a vehicle that's consistent with the ELS Surround image of quality, performance and technology.
ERNIE ELS notched his first win of the year - and immediately thanked a sports shrink.