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draw in the reins

1. Literally, to pull in the reins of a bridled animal, especially a horse, to slow it down or bring it to a stop. Mary drew in the reins as she approached town, bringing her horse to a saunter.
2. By extension, to slow something down or bring it to a stop. During the economic boom, our company was making as many risky investments as we could find. Luckily, our CEO had the sense to draw in the reins on such recklessness before the economy crashed.
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draw (one's) last breath

To die; to fail or cease to be. After our parents drew their last breath, my four siblings and I had to decide what to do with their property. You may be in charge now, but after you've drawn your last breath, it will be me in charge. Many fear that the computing giant may be drawing its last breath.
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draw stumps

1. In cricket, to call an end of gameplay for the day, as by removing the stumps (part of the wicket) from the ground. As the umpire draws stumps for the day, India has beaten England by 133 runs.
2. By extension, to cease doing something or bring something to an end. In spite of the biting scandal, the footballer said he would not be drawing stumps on his international career. This has gotten horribly boring, let's draw stumps and go home.
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draw a line

To set a (figurative) boundary, indicating what one is not willing or able to do. I'm prepared to do some cosmetic fixes on our new home, but I draw a line at major renovation. Aunt Peggy was fine with us setting her up on a date, but she drew a line at letting us create an online dating profile.
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draw in (one's) horns

To act more cautiously than one did before. I just got this quarter's budget report, and we definitely need to draw in our horns and spend less going forward.
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draw near to

To get close to someone or something, either literally or figuratively. You need to draw near to your family in this time of tragedy. Come on, son, draw near to the wall so you can see exactly where to put in the nail.
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draw (one)self up

1. To stand up straight, as tall as one can. I know you feel self-conscious about being so much taller than everyone else, but please, try to draw yourself up for the group photo.
2. To stand up straight in a show of indignation. After Andrew made those rude comments about me, I drew myself up and stormed out of the office.
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draw lots

To decide something by picking an item, often a slip of paper, at random. Let's draw lots to decide who will go first—it's the only fair way to do it.
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draw a bead on (someone or something)

1. To aim at someone or something with the sights on a firearm. I managed to draw a bead on the enemy sniper, but had to wait until I received the order to fire.
2. By extension, to focus one's attention on someone or something so as to deal with or attack him, her, or it. The candidate drew a bead on his opponent's poor political record in the UN during the debate. The president has pledged to draw a bead on the growing problem of adolescent obesity.
3. To thoroughly understand, appreciate, or comprehend someone or something. The team just has to draw a bead on the severity of the cyber attack before we can implement any meaningful fixes. I couldn't get my head around him at first, but I'm finally starting to draw a bead on my sister's boyfriend.
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draw in the reins

Come to a halt, back down. For example, During a recession, many businesses are forced to draw in the reins on expansion. This expression transfers the means of stopping a horse to other kinds of restraint.
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draw in the reins

1. To slow down or stop a horse or other animal by putting pressure on the reins.
2. To restrain or control.
See also: draw, reins
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It's the latest offering from Matmos--a pair of San Francisco--based "sound artists," Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt.
Martin Schmidt and Drew Daniel are responsible for Matmos's third album, A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure, on the surface an accomplished slab of electronica coming from the same direction as Britain's revered Warp label.
Brothers Vishall Thomas McCloskey, 30, and Drew Daniel McCloskey, 24, died when their car hit a tree on the Corrick Road, near Dungiven, Co Derry, just before 7pm on Friday.
Schmidt and Drew Daniel describe it, samples the sounds of cosmetic surgery as its subject matter.
Terre Thaemlitz uses sampled jazz vocals and LP surface noise to lend texture to the seductive deep house of "Hush Now," while Soft Pink Truth (alias Drew Daniel of Matmos) juggles effervescent percussion between stereo channels to create the feather-light industrial romp "The Boy Who Cried Silence Equals Death.
DREW DANIEL (Soft Pink Truth, Matmos): Etant Donnes, "Bleu" [from the EP Royaume, available on the U.
Like all adolescents, gay or straight, Drew Daniel spent his teens establishing his identity.
Surgery sounds like music to Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt, two lovers who create the electronic tunes of Matmos.