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Drew Daniel, "Queer Sound," Wire, November 2011, 43.
It's the latest offering from Matmos--a pair of San Francisco--based "sound artists," Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt.
Martin Schmidt and Drew Daniel are responsible for Matmos's third album, A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure, on the surface an accomplished slab of electronica coming from the same direction as Britain's revered Warp label.
Brothers Vishall Thomas McCloskey, 30, and Drew Daniel McCloskey, 24, died when their car hit a tree on the Corrick Road, near Dungiven, Co Derry, just before 7pm on Friday.
Schmidt and Drew Daniel describe it, samples the sounds of cosmetic surgery as its subject matter.
Terre Thaemlitz uses sampled jazz vocals and LP surface noise to lend texture to the seductive deep house of "Hush Now," while Soft Pink Truth (alias Drew Daniel of Matmos) juggles effervescent percussion between stereo channels to create the feather-light industrial romp "The Boy Who Cried Silence Equals Death.
DREW DANIEL (Soft Pink Truth, Matmos): Etant Donnes, "Bleu" [from the EP Royaume, available on the U.
Like all adolescents, gay or straight, Drew Daniel spent his teens establishing his identity.
Surgery sounds like music to Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt, two lovers who create the electronic tunes of Matmos.