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keep (something) on the down low

To keep something in a state of secrecy or minimal public knowledge; to not share something with anyone else. Keep this on the down-low, but Janet is planning to break up with Kevin next week.
See also: down, keep, low, on

on the down low

In a state of secrecy or minimal public knowledge; being known only by a select few people. Keep this on the down low, but Janet is planning to break up with Kevin next week. My parents know about the pregnancy, but I'd like it to stay on the down low otherwise.
See also: down, low, on
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They keep it on the downlow, because on a team that has major-college prospects like running back Milton Knox and linebacker Donovan Carter, it's a little presumptuous to suggest that a 16-year old kid who only began playing football two years ago and is still learning how to run routes could ever end up being better.
The 36-year-old has kept her love life on the downlow since divorcing music boss TOMMY MOTTOLA.
On campus, young black men in a university studies class were candid with Rhoden about keeping relationships with white women "on the downlow.
Launching with the Oscar winning title My Country My Country, powerful documentaries and ideological films like On the Downlow, The Business of Being Born and The War Tapes all build on women's passions for thought provoking independent films.
A proof of the hard battle downlow was scratch on the side of his right eye, which he incurred in one of the rebound plays against Ponferrada.
He's back at work with his new girlfriend, but they're keeping their romance on the downlow as her old boyfriend's still around.
A source said: "They are keeping their relationship on the downlow though and trying to be as private as they can.
Keep this symptom on the downlow with a good hair product.
about the global reverberations of the 9-11 terrorist attacks; and ``On The Downlow,'' about Chicago gangsters, at 4:15 p.