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*down (with someone )

Sl. friends with someone; okay or on good terms with someone. (Down = okay. *Typically: be ~; get ~.) It's okay. I'm down with Chuck. Chuck and I are down.


1. mod. depressed; melancholy. (see also down with something.) I feel sort of down today.
2. mod. [of a machine] inoperative. (Originally said of a computer.) The system is down. Come back later.
3. tv. to eat or drink something down quickly. She downed her sandwich in record time.
4. tv. to throw someone down, as in wrestling; to knock someone down as in a fight. Wilbur downed his opponent and won the match.
5. mod. behind in a score. They’re twenty points down, and it looks like the Adamsville team has won.
6. mod. finished; completed; behind one. One down and three to go.
7. mod. learned; memorized. (From sense 6) I’ve got the dates down, but not the names.
8. mod. okay; satisfactory; cool; in agreement. (see also down (with someone).) We had a fight, but we’re down now.
9. mod. prepared; knowledgeable. (From senses 7 and 8.) Are you down for the test tomorrow?
10. mod. alcohol intoxicated. Five beers and he was down.
11. Go to downer.




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But Downing is averaging more than 170 yards rushing and two touchdowns a game as well.
With all the attention for this game focused on running backs Ronald Downing and James Napoleon, Burgess has a chance to be the difference.
Elizabeth Downing of 3D Technology Laboratories in Mountain View, Calif.
The ghostly, transparent images can be viewed from any angle, Downing says, which is an improvement on available imaging technologies.
Downing sandwiched together three layers of glass to form the cube, each layer doped with a rare earth ion that provides one of three colors: red (praseodymium), green (erbium), or blue (thulium).
The device is the culmination of 8 years' work by Downing while studying mechanical engineering at Stanford University, and now she's determined to see her display through to the marketplace.
That's where the discipline came in,'' Norma Downing said.
When you looked at the scenes at Omaha Beach, and the blood is turning the water red as the waves lap up onto the beach, that is what I remember when I think of war,'' said combat nurse Downing.
7) Pilot Wayne Downing, right, and his A-26 Invader crewmates count the holes left by enemy flak in April 1945.