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*down (with someone )

Sl. friends with someone; okay or on good terms with someone. (Down = okay. *Typically: be ~; get ~.) It's okay. I'm down with Chuck. Chuck and I are down.


1. mod. depressed; melancholy. (see also down with something.) I feel sort of down today.
2. mod. [of a machine] inoperative. (Originally said of a computer.) The system is down. Come back later.
3. tv. to eat or drink something down quickly. She downed her sandwich in record time.
4. tv. to throw someone down, as in wrestling; to knock someone down as in a fight. Wilbur downed his opponent and won the match.
5. mod. behind in a score. They’re twenty points down, and it looks like the Adamsville team has won.
6. mod. finished; completed; behind one. One down and three to go.
7. mod. learned; memorized. (From sense 6) I’ve got the dates down, but not the names.
8. mod. okay; satisfactory; cool; in agreement. (see also down (with someone).) We had a fight, but we’re down now.
9. mod. prepared; knowledgeable. (From senses 7 and 8.) Are you down for the test tomorrow?
10. mod. alcohol intoxicated. Five beers and he was down.
11. Go to downer.




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In 1970 Frank Downes took up the post of Head of Orchestral Studies at the Birmingham School of Music, radically redesigning curriculum and course structures and raising standards of professional orchestral training.
His family told the Birmingham Mail that Mr Downes served with the RAF and had seen service in India.
Downes identifies "residual echoes of romantic melancholy and yearning" in Weill's Derneue Orpheus (p.
After they were apprehended Downes, who was not in the dock yesterday, and Zafar said "six" and "four" inmates had escaped from the window.
Judge Durcan gave Downes a 12-month suspended sentence.
For the Coventry gig though it looks like Downes will be highlighting the intimate directness of his trio.
Downes made an excellent impact on the Hammers' defence in the weeks after his arrival in November but following an initial boost, his influence is said to have waned.
Downes recognises that symbols are endemic to culture and place.
Sir Edward died with his wife, Lady Joan Downes, at the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland last July 10.
Yesterday, Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer said there was sufficient evidence to prosecute the couple's son Caractacus Downes, but it was not in the public interest to do so.
A lot of us are a year older and wiser and hopefully we will be able to draw on those experiences of last year," said Downes, the Pontypridd and Blues Academy No 9.
Now Downes, 48, heads owner Steve Hayes's shortlist to take over at Adams Park.
The family's fund-raising has also paid for another new lifeboat in Pwllheli, Wales, named after Mr Downes and his father Leslie.
Andy Downes, 55, split Paul Donaldson's lip after complaining he had cut him up at a roundabout near Stirling on the M9 last July.
Neil Sowerby risked his own life by plunging into the water in a bid to rescue Ronald Downes.