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hawks and doves

Respectively, those who favor or support aggressive military action, especially regarding foreign policy, versus those who are inclined to more peaceful, diplomatic solutions. After the terrorist attacks, the hawks in Congress demanded a unilateral attack on the foreign nation, while the doves among them maintained that diplomatic sanctions would be effective for the time being.
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crash dive

1. noun A sudden descent, typically in an emergency situation. The phrase is usually applied to submarines and airplanes. Engine two is out, prepare for a crash dive!
2. verb To make such a descent. My brain could barely comprehend that the our lives were in danger before the plane started to crash dive.
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n. someone who supports a peace-seeking U.S. defense policy. (Compare this with hawk.) The doves want to sell the tanks and distribute the money to the poor.
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Dove decorations (markers, crayons, paint, colorful paper, etc.
Following this habitat loss, and possibly associated with it, white-winged doves began expanding northward, forming urban populations.
The only doves suitable for "Dove Releases" are well-trained Rock Doves.
The overall goal of this project was to determine the effect of seed size on food selection by Mourning Doves (Zenaida macroura) and Eurasian Collared-Doves (Streptopelia decaocto).
The daily bag limit is 10 doves, with a possession limit after the second day of 20 birds.
To coo, the dove sends air up from its lungs and past the membranes, which then vibrate.
In other categories, Third Day earned a third consecutive Group of the Year Dove Award, along with Doves for Best Rock Recorded Song, "40 Days" and Special Event Album.
Jeff Bewkes, chairman of Time Warner's Entertainment & Networks Group, said: "We're pleased to present the first-ever Community Service Team Award to HBO's Digital Doves program, which has touched the lives of so many homeless and at-risk youth by offering them a means to express themselves.
Radio-telemetry has become a frequently used tool for studying doves in the U.
You might see a lot of doves, but they're just hard to get at,'' he says.
The dove nested on a small ledge on the second story of the Valencia Boulevard building, but the space was small and she had no nesting materials to keep her eggs from rolling off.
Farther south, the Cibola Valley and Cibola National Wildlife Refuge has held large concentrations of both mourning doves and whitewings.
And when you have a good population of doves, the more the merrier because the hunters keep the birds stirred and flying.
But because doves don't care how much noise you make, you can definitely back him up: `Hey, one's coming over your head, one's coming in behind you.
Assembly Bill 1190, introduced by Assemblyman Joe Nation (D-San Rafael), removes western mourning doves and white-winged doves from the game bird, migratory game bird and upland game bird categories.