Don't even go there

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Don't even go there.

used to say that you do not want to think or talk about something because it is too difficult or unpleasant She's very old-fashioned, and as for the subject of single mothers - don't even go there!
See Don't ask me, Don't give up the day job!, Don't give me that!, Don't get mad, get even, Don't sweat it!, Don't take any wooden nickels
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In the kitchen the counter tops are so cluttered that it's difficult to tell whether they are clean or not and as for the Offspring's bedrooms - don't even go there.
If your legs are skinny, your calves rotund, and the distance from waist to ankle less than twice that from waist to neck, don't even go there.
The Tindersticks finally return with the Don't Even Go There EP and it's a fine duet between the solemn- toned Stuart Staples and more falsetto-soul toned Dickon Hinchliffe over a very Lennon- esque backing.
The first hour, don't even go there," said bubbly 19-year-old Kelly Brook, who is shortly to replace Denise Van Outen.
Don't even go there,'' second baseman Eric Young said.