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disk jockey

and deejay and disc jockey and DJ
n. a radio announcer who introduces music from phonograph records. (see also veejay.) The disk jockey couldn’t pronounce the name of the singing group.
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Rhino Full Throttle" won the Gold Djed Pillar in the short film category.
uk I asked project producer Fran Porter how and why they embarked on this project: "The film's director, Matt Smith, DJed for a few different Coventry Sound Systems in the early 90s, and he became fascinated by the sound scene, the people he met and the music of course.
Another friend, Jay Smith from Manchester, wrote: "I was really saddened to hear the news, I DJed with Jason when he was doing stuff with the New Master-sounds.
A Yeah definitely - I DJed at Stereotype and it was a great night so it's good to come back and play live.
The boys are already making an impact both here and in the UK and not only performed a rocking live set but also DJed for the assembled masses who were having fun with toy laser guns and bubble machines well into the wee small hours.
His West Indian family were very musically orientated and encouraged young Norman to follow his heart after he first DJed at a cousin's birthday party at the tender age of eight.
It reminded me of the way Bunel DJed his own screenings of Un Chien Andalou and roughly scored L 'Age d'or with a bit or Beethoven here, some tangos there.
Before stepping into the Big Brother house she was employed as a personal assistant in Kirkby and DJed across the country, playing regularly at trendy Manchester bar Baa Baa.
The Belfast City Breakers will also be in the house although don't be expecting Mr Herc to give us a break-dancing demonstration - he first DJed in 1967.
Anthony Probyn One of the country's most experienced nu-breed DJs, Anthony Probyn has DJed at some of the world's most prestigious venues since he started taking to the decks in 2000.
On a lukewarm October night In Los Angeles, she showcased that song-writing finesse at an intimate show at The Microsoft Lounge in Venice, where Body High co-founder Samo Sound Boy DJed between sets, and guests sipping Budweiser got to explore the dreamy, gadget-stacked space.
Rich, who has straddled family life, bringing up three boys with Sophie, as well as working on his creative projects, said: "I've always DJed with the wife and now we've got three boys all growing up who occasionally come to gigs with us.
In high school, he DJed for parties and became proficient with the operation of turntables.
By day, we were a pair of musical Woodward and Bernsteins, by night Murray DJed and I worked in a bar.