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Nicola Morley from Beausale set up the Divot Bag Company four years ago, initially more as a hobby.
ONE thing I miss about teaching on grass since moving to the Close House Golf Academy is examining a pupil's divot pattern after an iron shot has been played.
The starters, rangers and the management were all in agreement that Chris has continually helped to keep the course in great shape through doing the simple things such as filling divots, repairing pitch marks and raking bunkers.
From March to October, the girls fill in the divots on the fairways with sand, then for the rest of the year do the more backbreaking work of digging out around 40,000 divots on the Old Course and replacing them Gordon: with fresh turf.
While pitches that are completely flat are playable, those with hard divots can cause players to twist ankles because of the unforgiving surface.
Ian Grant, course manager at Brynhill, said: "They took massive divots out of the greens, which were frozen at the time.
Players' efforts to imitate the style of stars such as Tiger Woods are leading to a soaring number of divots - holes made in the turf - which have to be repaired.
Divots had to be replaced by staff during the England under-21s training session yesterday.
It happened where the Croatian goalkeeper was taking his kicks and it left divots in the pitch.
30 this morning and, as we continued to race, the divots filled with water.
The 3,641 who watched a poor game on a pudding of a pitch full of divots will be glad work starts today on Town's new 10,000-seater stadium which should be ready by August next year.
There's also some care of the course that has to be followed: raking the traps, fixing your ball marks and repairing your divots.
is conducting a series of flight tests of the debris, known as divots, as part of the Return to Flight team effort.
The researchers calculated the consequence of filling that surface with just enough fluid to top off all the small divots without causing them to overflow.
But similar things will happen on paddy fields with ruts and four-inch, foot-long divots.