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dive in

To begin or undertake something quickly, enthusiastically, and without trepidation. I know you're nervous about starting school, but you just need to dive in and do your best!
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take a dive

1. In boxing, to pretend to be knocked out by one's opponent. (Generally done as a means of rigging the outcome of the match, so as to exploit betting odds and trends.) Heavily favored to dominate the match against the challenger, the defending champion has been suspected of taking a dive in the championship match last Saturday.
2. In soccer (football), to fall to the ground and make a very ostentatious display that one is in pain and anguish after making contact with an opposing player. (Done so as to draw a penalty kick for one's team.) It is so obvious that player from England took a dive!
3. In the stock market, to very suddenly become lower in value, as of the shares in a company or in the market as a whole. News of the automaker's deceptive practice of cheating on emissions tests has caused the company's shares to take a massive dive this afternoon. The market took a dive over the weekend after rumors of England's exit from the Eurozone.
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crash dive

1. noun A sudden descent, typically in an emergency situation. The phrase is usually applied to submarines and airplanes. Engine two is out, prepare for a crash dive!
2. verb To make such a descent. My brain could barely comprehend that the our lives were in danger before the plane started to crash dive.
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dive in with both feet

 and jump in with both feet
Fig. to become completely involved with something quickly, especially something new. I had never done anything like this before, but I just jumped in with both feet and learned it in no time.
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dive off

((of) something ) to jump off something headfirst. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Rachel dived off of the rock into the river. She dived off the high diving board.
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take a fall

 and take a dive
to fake being knocked out in a boxing match. Wilbur wouldn't take a fall. He doesn't have it in him. The boxer took a dive in the second round and made everyone suspicious.
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dive into something

also dive in
to start something enthusiastically without first thinking about it Our mistake was to dive into the work without much preparation.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of dive in (to go head first into water)
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ducking and diving

if you spend your time ducking and diving, you are involved in many different activities, especially ones which are not honest 'What do you do for a living?' 'This and that, ducking and diving.'
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take a fall

1. Also, take a spill. Suffer a fall, fall down, as in You took quite a fall on the ski slopes, didn't you? or Bill took a spill on the ice.
2. Be arrested or convicted, as in He's taken a fall or two and spent some years in jail. [Slang; 1920s]
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dive in

1. To plunge one's body into something: The swimmer stood at the edge of the pool and dived in. The bird flew up suddenly before diving in the water.
2. To start enthusiastically: The teacher laid out the chemistry equipment, and the students dived in.
3. To start eating eagerly: I'm getting hungry, I can't wait to dive in. Here's the pizza; dive in!
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dive into

1. To plunge one's body into something: The swimmer dived into the pool.
2. To start doing something enthusiastically: The class dived into the science experiment.
3. To start eating or drinking something eagerly: The hungry children dove into the pizza.
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creep joint

and creep dive
n. an unpleasant place populated by creeps. You shouldn’t go into a creep joint like that alone. What’s a nice girl like you doing in a creep dive like this?
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creep dive

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n. a low drinking establishment; a cheap saloon. I don’t think I want to spend the whole evening in this dive.

dive a muff

tv. to perform oral sex on a woman. (Usually objectionable.) Tod likes to dive a muff every now and then.
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gin mill

and gin dive and gin palace
n. a saloon; a low liquor establishment. (Older.) Fred hit every gin mill on the way home. The joint looks like a gin dive. I’m not going in there!
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gin dive

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take a fall

and take a dive
1. tv. to fake being knocked out in a boxing match. The boxer took a dive in the second round and made everyone suspicious.
2. tv. to get arrested. (see also take the fall.) I didn’t wanna take a fall, but the cop left me no choice.
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take a dive

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References in classic literature ?
Some white man must have taught him, for he made the proper swan dive and did it as beautifully as I have ever seen it.
She beckoned the boy of the swan dive nearer to her, and signed to him to dive over again.
She took no notice, but held up the gold coin before the eyes of the boy of the swan dive.
The two fugitives were just about to dive into the sea when the Shark sneezed very suddenly and, as he sneezed, he gave Pinocchio and Geppetto such a jolt that they found themselves thrown on their backs and dashed once more and very unceremoniously into the stomach of the monster.
Divers can also sign up for the SeaOman Dive Club Membership which offers two free dives for PADI-certified divers, with equipment hire included, an extra ten per cent discount on dives (two tanks).
Coral Sea Safari, Great Barrier Reef Spend seven days on a custom designed boat and enjoy a total of 27 dives exploring the famous Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
Guests will also get the unique opportunity to learn how to dive in one of the resort's private and pristine salt water pools, allowing them to become accustomed to the sensation of diving prior to doing open water dives in the sea.
15am and includes two ocean dives at fifteen different dive sites within range of The Atlantis Dive Centre including man-made reefs and shipwrecks off the coast of Dubai and the magnificent Musandam.
So far in his short life, Chris has spent over 18 hours under water and has logged 22 dives which is more than I have
They supplied data on illnesses they'd had in the past year, how many dives they'd made in various aquatic environments, and what volume of water they'd swallowed on a typical dive.
Sawyer, who will compete next year at Nevada-Reno, averaged better than 40 points on her final three dives to hold off Flynn, who took runner-up honors for the second year in a row.
The researchers used detailed questionnaires to ask occupational and sport divers about the number and duration of dives they made in ocean, coastal, and freshwater areas; whether a known pollution source was nearby; the type of diving mask worn (which affects the amount of water swallowed); and the amount of water typically swallowed per dive.
The divers were using computers to track their dives, but it is unclear if the mishap victim knew how to use hers because she later would report she was unsure about her decompression stops during her ascent to the surface.
She has since become a certified advanced open water diver and has logged 144 dives, achieving her deepest dive at 105 feet.