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autem dipper

obsolete One belonging to the Anabaptist faith, in which believers are baptized after infancy. "Autem" is an obsolete slang word for church, so an "autem dipper" is one whose faith is based on baptism (that is, a "dip" in water). As one has no concept of faith as an infant, the autem dippers believe that baptism should take place when one is old enough to affirm belief in the church.
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1. n. a drunkard. (From dipsomaniac.) Buy the dip a drink. That’ll shut him up for a while.
2. and dipper n. a pickpocket. (Underworld.) The dip tried a snatch, but the dupe turned around at the wrong time. The cops picked up three dippers, working as a group, at the fairgrounds.
3. n. a pinch or helping of snuff. He took a dip just before he picked up the bat.
4. n. a wad of chewing tobacco. You could see he had a big dip in his cheek.
5. n. an oaf; a jerk. (Probably from dipshit.) Why are you acting like such a dip?


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1. n. a person who collects two salaries; a federal employee who collects a federal pension and Social Security. The double-dippers say they weren’t doing anything wrong.
2. n. a person who dips a chip or veggie into a dip or sauce after having taken a bite of the chip or veggie, thus risking the introduction of germs into the dip. I always watch the snack table to make sure there are no double-dippers.


n. a swimmer, as opposed to a surfer. (California.) The fanny-dippers are not supposed to go out that far.
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We used winter base flow because dippers selected breeding sites in February and March (JPL pers.
NOTE: For Vanilla Dippers, substitute 6 ounces vanilla flavored candy coating (almond bark), cut up, for chocolate chips.
Titled `Hey Sister', the 30-second commercial -- part of a 2m [pounds sterling] spend for Cheez Double Dippers this year -- will hit screens during peak programmes, such as Coronation Street, to get the interest of parents, and during joint adult and child viewing programmes such as SM:tv Live and on satellite and digital music channel MTV.
The television campaign will build on the success of the Cheez Dippers 'Rooster' campaign and will target children.
Richard Wells, secretary of the Cleddau Dippers, said he was very happy with the decision.
DOLE Banana Dippers are available in two decadent flavors, DOLE Banana Dippers Dark Chocolate and DOLE Banana Dippers Dark Chocolate with Almonds.
Dippers were hoping to beat last year's total of pounds 58,000 for local and national charities.
Serve at room temperature, garnished with a sprig of basil, with fresh vegetable dippers, potato chips or crostini.
Single packs (rsp 49p) of Flipper Dippers -- a pot of Penguin flipper-shaped biscuits with a chocolate and vanilla dip -- will be available from February 5, with triple packs on shelf from March 5.
In addition to Jungle Dippers, Sun Valley are extending their steaks and burgers range with a Southern Fried Chicken Steak, which is made from succulent pieces of chicken breast and coated in spicy flavoured breadcrumbs.
The results of a new poll released today by Pizza Hut(R) indicate that among those surveyed, 67% of pizza eaters are dippers.
And with Redcar Seafront's new look complete, it's hoped at least 600 dippers will take the plunge.
Skinny Dippers -- pre-portioned ices that contain zero calories, zero net carbs and zero sugar per 1 oz serving -- are the first zero-calorie frozen dessert marketed in the U.
Skinny dippers had emerged from the water to find their socks and undies had been pinched.