demand from

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demand (something) from (someone)

To insist that someone do or relinquish something. I demand full attention from my students, so if you plan to nap or socialize in here, then you might as well drop this class right now.
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demand something from someone or something

 and demand something of someone or something
to command that something be received from someone or a group or something; to demand that someone or a group or something do something. The muggers demanded money from everyone. The petitioners demanded a response from the board of directors. She demanded too much of her automobile.
See also: demand
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The Fed proposes to redress the imbalance by killing the demand of the entrepreneurial classes.
Total demand of natural and synthetic rubber is expected to reach 3,159,200 metric tons in 1995, compared to the level of 3,119,300 metric tons posted in 1994.
Total domestic demand of synthetic rubber in 1995 is expected to reach 2,154,200 metric tons, a 1.
This was particularly true on August 2, 2006, when New England's power system hit an all-time peak demand of 28,127 MW.
Long-term forecast for the production and demand of major baby food are included.
In fact, we are presently working closely with officials from both the Javits Center and the City of New York to create additional exhibit space to accommodate the increased demand of those who expressed interest in participating in the millennium show.