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And if you think binge-drinking is something new, take a look at the signs outside those gin shops: Not WATCH THE BIG MATCH LIVE but "Drunk for a penny, dead drunk for two pence.
He said: "It's a wee attraction but the days are long gone when Scots would get dead drunk hanging over it.
In many of the anecdotes he relates, McAlmon tells us that Kit is dead drunk.
It was the cheapest and strongest drink around, often advertised with the slogan 'Drunk for a penny, dead drunk for two pence and a straw for nothing'.
For each of us loves his mother, even when she is lying dead drunk on the kitchen floor; but we want her to dry out, to reform.
DRUNK for a penny, dead drunk for tuppence" is the most famous advertising slogan for gin, the spirit that has travelled from the gutter to the golf club; a journey that started in reprobation and ended in respectability.
That means the neighbors who were trying to study when the party was blaring," says Bentley, "of friends who had to take care of them when they were throwing up all over themselves of were otherwise dead drunk.
I called them the 12 disciples,' jokes Griffiths, who has been the Canoldir's (it means Middle Land in Welsh) musical director from day one, missing only a couple of concerts in the choir's 38 years - 'and I missed one competition, when I fell down the stairs dead drunk after we'd been to a beer festival
We'd find her sitting on his basement steps with an empty bottle, or lying on his cellar floor, a ten-year-old girl, passed out, dead drunk.
Someone sitting behind us whispered, "The stupid director must've been dead drunk when he was shooting this scene.
Dubious sanitation, stifling debt laws, and a general sense of squalor combined to make the prospect of getting "drunk for a penny, dead drunk for tuppence" remarkably attractive.
Dead Drunk stars ex-Brookside actors Kate Fitzgerald, who played Doreen Corkhill, and Michael Starke, alias Sinbad, alongside a teenage cast.
When the village chief came for a visit, he found them dead drunk.
He finds her dead drunk in some bar out West, comes to learn that she has roving instincts and family issues similar to his own, and just when he's thinking that Dulcie is his kind of gal, discovers that she's a real nut case.
Hans and Bernhard have a falling out over terms of their movie deal, prompting the conniving, lovesick producer to end up dead drunk in Venus' bed.