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your road to Damascus

  (British & Australian formal)
a very important experience which changes your whole life It was this chance meeting in a bar in Portland that he would later describe as his road to Damascus. (British & Australian formal)
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29} Another had so long an arm that he could sit down in Damascus and indite a letter at Bagdad -- or indeed at any distance whatsoever.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A growing number of militants are giving up fight against the Damascus government as the Syrian army is advancing in multiple front across the country.
Damascus, SANA- Three civilians were injured in a terrorist attack in al-Mazraa residential neighborhood in Damascus Thursday.
The death toll from a Syrian government air strike on a market in Douma northeast of Damascus neared 100, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Monday, a day after one of the single bloodiest attacks of the four-year war.
A Lebanese source with ties to Damascus also said that Ghazali had died on Friday.
Summary: Army blockade of Damascus-Homs road comes as it presses operation in mountainous Qalamoun province north of Damascus.
Damascus: August 19 -- (BNA)-- The Syrian opposition announced the death of 91 victims yesterday (Sunday: 18 August) most of these fatalies were in Aleppo, Damascus and its suburbs.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Monday in which it revealed the Egyptian embassy in Damascus will resume the evacuation of Egyptians from Syria starting Tuesday
Summary: A car bomb near the central Bth Party headquarters in Mazr, central Damascus killed up to 60 people Thursday.
Although a slew of Lebanese political leaders have been travelling the road to Damascus since the neighbours agreed in August to establish diplomatic relations, Aoun's trip is different because he holds no official position.
Now the Syrian city of Damascus is getting in on the act, after being named the Arab Capital of Culture 2008.
The work on the project is progressing according to schedule in cooperation with Damascus City governorate and the Ministry of Tourism.
The White House, after hitting something of a brick wall in its talks with Syria, is seeking to heap further pressure on Damascus to play 'a more positive role in the peace process and other regional issues' through Hariri.
Then, the president accompanied the king to Damascus airport where the king and the president left Damascus heading for Beirut.
Ozdemir said that Turkey would open a new branch of Yunus Emre Culture Center in Damascus in the coming months.