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fire on all cylinders

To function or operate at the most desirable or greatest possible level of efficiency, speed, or productivity. (Usually used in the continuous tense.) The new website will be firing on all cylinders once we get the comments section up and running! I only fire on all cylinders after I've had my coffee.
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hit on all cylinders

To operate, perform, function, or proceed exceptionally well or at the greatest possible speed or efficiency. We'll be hitting on all cylinders if we get Janet to join our team.
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cylinder head

The metal casing that fits onto a cylinder block in an internal-combustion engine. A: "Did dad say what's wrong with the car?" B: "I don't know, something about needing to fix the cylinder head, whatever that means!"
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firing on all cylinders

 and hitting on all cylinders 
1. Lit.
[of an internal combustion engine] having all its cylinders working and thus providing the maximum amount of power. The old car is firing on all cylinders despite its age. This thing's not hitting on all cylinders.
2. Fig. working at full strength; making every possible effort. The team is firing on all cylinders under the new coach. The factory is hitting on all cylinders to finish the orders on time.
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run on all cylinders

1. Lit. [for an engine] to run well and smoothly. This car is now running on all cylinders, thanks to the tune-up. You can hear if an engine is not running on all cylinders.
2. Fig. to function well or energetically. Our department seems to be running on all cylinders. Congratulations. I am back at my desk after my illnessrunning on all cylinders.
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firing on all cylinders

operating as powerfully and effectively as possible Doctors say Mary will be firing on all cylinders after two months of physical therapy.
Usage notes: based on the literal meaning of a car engine using all of its cylinders (the parts that produce power)
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be firing on all cylinders

to be operating as powerfully and effectively as possible Dawson will be firing on all cylinders after 2 months of fitness training.
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fire on all cylinders

Also, hit or click on all cylinders . Function very well, as in Once we figured out how to use the new software, the department was firing on all cylinders , or "So the best infielder takes time to fit into the infield of a Big League club and have it hit on all four cylinders again" (Christy Mathewson, Pitching in a Pinch, 1912). This term transfers the functioning of an internal combustion engine, which works best when all its cylinders ignite, to broader use. [Early 1900s]
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run on all cylinders

1. in. to run well and smoothly. My plan is now running on all cylinders.
2. in. to operate sensibly and intelligently. Pay attention to what you are doing. Start running on all cylinders.
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Officials in the food and supplies department said they will soon crack down on the distributors of LPG cylinders hand in glove with the blackmarketeers.
The P-Series cylinders have bearer discs on each end of the shaft.
The cylinders were first launched in Riyadh, followed by neighboring regions a few months later.
Nowhere in TM 9-2330-390-14&P, the TM for the M1022A1 dolly set, are instructions found about protecting the lift cylinders and the positioning cylinders-its hydraulic cylinders-from weather damage.
Created wakes in behind of tubes in the heat exchangers or in the guiding rods in nuclear reactors, buildings, cooling towers and suspension bridges are the examples of the application of side by side cylinders.
An inner aluminum liner dissipates heat during fast filling, affording an additional 15 to 25 percent more fuel storage compared to Type IV cylinders of similar size.
Dubai: Major updates to gas cylinder regulations in the UAE will ensure that cylinders are manufactured, filled, stored and transported in a safe environment, Gulf News can reveal.
My new unit's GCEP had been neglected for quite some time--so much so that my company alone had more than 50 empty cylinders wasting away in rusty, makeshift cages.
Ali bin Said Al Hadi, the head of the team, pointed out that some cooking gas cylinders need to be re-examined before packing for any defect or discrepancy in the weight of empty cylinder, malfunction in the body of the cylinder or in the ring.
com/research/qvs9f9/global_hydraulic) has announced the addition of the "Global Hydraulic Cylinders Market 2014-2018" report to their offering.
APAC is expected to have maximum growth during the forecast period mainly due to the increased use of oxygen cylinders for medical and industrial purpose.
Gulf Times had on Friday reported the acute shortage of Shafaf cylinders in the market.
Step 3 Lay 2 cylinders side by side, gluing them together where they touch.
RAWALPINDI -- Installation of sub standard gas cylinders in public transport plying on Islamabad-Rawalpindi and other intra city and intercity routes have posed life threat to the commuters.
HOMEOWNERS have been urged to install gas cylinders on their rooftops in a bid to prevent them from being stolen by saboteurs.