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cutthroat prices

Extremely low prices (i.e., those that "cut the throats" of competitors by being impossible to beat). They gained a huge foothold in the market by offering decent mid-range smartphones at cutthroat prices.
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cut someone's throat

1. Be the means of someone's ruin, as in Joe would cut her throat if she got in his way. One can also cut one's own throat, that is, spoil one's own chances, as in Alice cut her own throat by her repeated absences. This hyperbolic term alludes to actual murder (or suicide). [c. 1500]
2. cut one another's throats. Engage in destructive competition. For example, With their price war the two stores were cutting each other's throats. This usage gave rise, by 1880, to the idiom cutthroat competition, for vicious competitive practices.
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In some ways that's what the Cutthroats are all about--watching these young kids reach for the golden ring.
In the spring, grizzlies emerge from hibernation and fatten themselves on cutthroats spawning in the tributaries of Yellowstone Lake.
Dustin Goodenough scored twice for the Cutthroats, including the go-ahead goal 15:46 into the third period, as Queen City qualified for the Silver Cup championship of Junior B hockey.
It might be better to put the browns and cutthroats back if you catch them in Crowley this year.
For a little-known team in a competitive sports market, it was a confusing line that failed to get across a basic idea: The Cutthroats are a hockey team.
The advantage of sterile fish is that they won't cross breed with the cutthroats and can spend all their energy getting bigger instead of reproducing.
To avoid capturing cutthroat trout, the park uses nets with holes large enough for most cutthroats to swim through unharmed.
The Generals and Cutthroats open the best-of-five Cascade Cup championship finals tonight at the Lane Ice Center at 7:35.
Beginning in 1988, the cutthroats from By-Day Creek were introduced into Slinkard Creek and eventually into three other waters in their native range, Mill Creek, Silver Creek and Wolf Creek.
This year, the DFG stocked 1,000 sub-catchable cutthroats instead of fingerlings.
When Dre left, Suge's job became keeping these cutthroats and stumblebums where he could see them.
In 1990, the DFG removed non-native trout from the headwaters of the Upper Truckee and restocked it with pure Lahontan cutthroats.
Now the sport-fishing for cutthroats is in jeopardy.
The Middle Fork offers outstanding dry fly fishing for native cutthroat trout.
When the once-renowned Blackfoot River trout fishery of Montana hit rock-bottom in the late 1980's, biologists believed, or at least hoped, that native bull and westslope cutthroat trout (Salvelinus confluentus and Salmo clarki, respectively) could be the river's salvation.