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cookie cutter

1. noun A tool used to cut dough into shapes for cookies. I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter for these Valentine's cookies—aren't they adorable?
2. adjective Identical to other things. In this usage, the phrase is typically hyphenated. I want a unique house, not one of those cookie-cutter boxes that looks like every other one on the block.
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cord cutter

One who cancels a traditional cable subscription and replaces it with other entertainment sources, such as streaming services, a la carte programming, etc. I never thought I'd be a cord-cutter, but once traditional cable got too expensive, I decided to go that route.
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piss cutter

dated slang A nickname for the side cap (a foldable military cap also known as a garrison cap or flight cap) worn by members of the Unites States Navy or Marine Corps. Sometimes hyphenated. Primarily heard in US. I asked my grandpa what the funny little hat was called in his pictures from the war, and he said it was his piss cutter. We all tucked out piss-cutters into our belts as we entered the room.
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and piss-whiz
n. an extraordinary person; someone who can do the impossible. (Usually objectionable.) Sam is a real piss-cutter when it comes to running. I ain’t no piss-whiz, just your average guy.
References in classic literature ?
So soundly did the kanakas sleep through that long hot day that they did not see the cutter run out through the passage and head south, close-hauled on the southeast trade.
You also need to measure your cutters for the same reasons, especially if you've reground them.
According to the results of statistic analyses and field surveys, the failure modes of PDC bit mainly involve the mechanical wear and fracture of cutters during normal drilling, accompanied with few occurrences of PCD stripping and cutter drop, wherein, the mechanical wear always occurs at the cutters on the top of crown, while fracture and stripping frequently occur in the cutters on the edge of crown [3].
The bit design features studied in the project is the shape of the cutters and the size of the cutters.
This has fueled interest in outdoor landscaping among end-users, and subsequently translating to a surge in demand for brush cutters.
Generally I find that Gunline cutters are a bit more aggressive, but that's about it.
The cutters were made of hardened iron and usually had multiple cutting edges, somewhat like a saw blade.
Garden equipment like brush cutters and power lawn mowers are used to maintain a healthy lawn and garden.
Auto-adjusting, close-quarters tubing cutters aren't new.
Larger cutters and greater arm clearance improve strength and down-hole life, lowering contractor per-foot costs.
Cookie cutters are not only great for shaping cookies, sandwiches, bars, and gelatin desserts, they are also perfect for tracing onto old Christmas cards and making ornaments.
Unlike conventional knife cutters that slice material into strips and require frequent sharpening, the SCC-15-B cutter positions carbide tipped cutter heads along the entire shaft, with no frontal gaps between the tips.
Leitz introduces a new generation of spiral cutters, combining the essential features of roughing and finishing router cutters in one tool.
Barbara Paisner of Clinton has a passion for cookie cutters.
A new line of round insert cutters is suitable for roughing and semi-finishing in face and copy milling applications.