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Different indeed is the kind of audience called into being in their presence, but perhaps unfortunately, difference cuts both ways.
CUTS BOTH WAYS Handicaps are clearly going to provide Paul Cole's colt with easier pickings after his encouraging run at Leicester on Monday.
In 1990, Gloria released her bestselling solo album, Cuts Both Ways.
The rule cuts both ways because UK cattle would also lose their farm assurance if they were killed in other countries, and acquired so-called nomad status, but in current circumstances it is the British finisher that is being protected," said NBA director Kim Haywood.
But that cuts both ways and brings with it some responsibilities.
The BNP claims the leaflet, entitled "Racism Cuts Both Ways - The Scandal of Our Age", only highlights the issue of racism against white people.
The booklet Racism Cuts Both Ways has been dropping through letterboxes this month and has gone to MPs, councillors, colleges and church groups.
However this cuts both ways and while Birmingham City Council has supported the Black Country's efforts to contribute to the success of our region, the same cannot be said for some of Birmingham's business community nor of the Birmingham media.
A breezy comedy about borderline psychosis, the film's title cuts both ways.
It's a lonely life when you're not getting any love and this cuts both ways.
Yet it cuts both ways - with chief police officers apparently now unable to stand up to the Home Office either.