Curiosity killed the cat

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Curiosity killed the cat.

Prov. Being curious can get you into trouble. (Often used to warn someone against prying into other's affairs.) Jill: Where did you get all that money? Jane: Curiosity killed the cat.
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Curiosity killed the cat.

something that you say in order to warn someone not to ask too many questions about something 'Why are you going away so suddenly?' 'Curiosity killed the cat.'
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curiosity killed the cat

It's best to mind one's own business. For example, Don't ask about his divorce-curiosity killed the cat. This cautionary expression sounds like the moral of some fable or folktale, but any such origin for it has been lost. The first recorded use was in O. Henry's Schools and Schools (1909).
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If curiosity killed the cat, Dim, with his unenquiring mind, should live a long and empty life.
During her time working on Eighties rock show The Tube, Paula enjoyed a fling with singer Terence Trent D'Arby, and was also linked with Spandau Ballet's Martin Kemp and Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot of Curiosity Killed The Cat.
They say that curiosity killed the cat and it has certainly got the better of Peggy over the past few weeks as she rifled through Frank's things, looking for proof of his infidelity.
As a presenter on The Tube, she was linked to Curiosity Killed The Cat singer Ben Volpaire and pop star Terence Trent D'Arby.
Nik Kershaw was number one for a frighteningly long time, as was the guy from Showaddywaddy, Ben from Curiosity Killed the Cat, and Adam Ant.
She added: "They say curiosity killed the cat and I think that's what nearly happened here.
But while curiosity killed the cat, it will only fuel sales of the video.
James said: "We grew up in the 80s, listening to bands like Curiosity Killed the Cat, Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet.
Curiosity killed the cat and it nearly did the same for Kirsty Young and her research team.
Although curiosity killed the cat, Gates, his dog Zip and anthropologist Lillian Sloan (Barbara Hershey) head off into them thar hills.
Between them, Big Country, Midge Ure (above), Nick Heyward and Curiosity Killed The Cat racked up record sales exceeding 20 million, picking up 200 gold, platinum and silver discs and numerous awards between them.
Also doing well were Alison Moyet with Is This Love, Curiosity Killed The Love, Curiosity Killed The Cat with Down To Earth, and Pepsi & Shirlie with Heartache.
The "Here and Now Eighties Music Night" on June 21 will feature eighties icons T'Pau, Newton-le-Willows' Rick Astley, Liverpool bands The Real Thing and The Christians, Katrina, of the Waves, and Curiosity Killed the Cat.
Well, that's a nice little collab for the girls – the legendary Missy rapping over their upbeat, contemporary take on the Curiosity Killed The Cat number.
Emma Johnson, Perth A The one-off gig at Falkirk FC Stadium on June 22 will feature Five Star, Altered Images, The Real Thing, Toyah, T'Pau, Paul Young, Curiosity Killed the Cat and Midge Ure.