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be as cool as a cucumber

slang To be calm and composed, especially in times of stress. I was petrified to take the stage, but Alice was as cool as a cucumber. Practicing meditation has helped me to be as cool as a cucumber in times of trouble.
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*cool as a cucumber

extremely calm; imperturbable. (*Also: as ~.) Joan felt nervous, but she acted as cool as a cucumber. The politician kept cool as a cucumber throughout the interview with the aggressive journalist.
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(as) cool as a cucumber

very calm and in control of your emotions When everything seems to be going wrong, she stays as cool as a cucumber.
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be as cool as a cucumber

to be very calm and relaxed, especially in a difficult situation I expected him to be all nervous before his interview but he was as cool as a cucumber.
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cool as a cucumber

Calm and composed, self-possessed, as in Despite the mishap Margaret was cool as a cucumber. This idiom may be based on the fact that in hot weather the inside of cucumbers remains cooler than the air. [c. 1600] For a synonym, see cool, calm, and collected.
See also: cool, cucumber
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takes on a tinge Of the palest green, like the flesh of a cucumber When
The FrA1/4hlingsgurke is a light green medium-sized cucumber with an exceptional fresh taste.
Because of the lack of hard tissue in sea cucumbers to lay down growth increments, tagging is the method undertaken to determine age.
The 3 cucumbers with eggs that were removed from the oviposition box were placed into a newly prepared box for larval emergence.
The acid concentration in these bulk stored cucumbers is greater than that which is needed in products made from them.
So, make developing cool cucumber creations easy by using Freeze-Dried Cucumbers from Van Drunen Farms.
6 cucumbers Primary balance with pans Cubes (snap or multilink), paper clips, tiles, counters, toothpicks, etc.
In early August of this year, Michael purchased A&W Limited Edition cucumbers as part of a healthy diet, and thereafter consumed them on a regular basis in salads and on their own.
MEASURING nearly twice as long as his last giant cucumber, Parbat Halai still points to music as the secret to his growing success.
On the table, cucumbers add a cool touch to the meal.
Lay the cucumbers on a chopping board and smack them hard a few times with a rolling pin or a heavy book.
ISLAMABAD -- Compounds in responsible for the bitter taste in cucumbers may be able to treat cancer and diabetes, a new study has found.
If you can't find it, bacon also pairs well with the sweet cucumbers and peanut dressing.
CUT-price cucumbers are among Tesco's weapons in a PS200million price war announced yesterday.
The commercial aquaculture of sea cucumbers has begun in relatively recent times in response to a constrained supply from wild stocks and increasing market demand, leading to a rise in prices (Toral-Granda et al.