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Johns, the croakers have been farther and farther up river.
whitemouth croaker (Micropogonias furnieri), and Argentine croaker (Umbrina conosai) (Klippel et al, 2005).
Abstract--The Atlantic croaker (Micropogonias undulatus) is an important commercial species in the Gulf of Mexico, but this stock has been reduced historically as bycatch in other fisheries.
Such investigation includes the effects of long-term exploitation of demersal's fish populations off the coast of Sierra Leone, West Africa by Coutin and Payne [5]; the growth, maturity and mortality of the sciaenidae of the tropical West Africa and those on biological data of West African croakers carried out by Longhurst [6,7].
Atlantic croakers spawn in coastal waters of the northern Gulf of Mexico from September to May, depending on the region, and postlarvae are transported into estuaries where they take residence in marshes and seagrass beds.
Croakers are a "pretty typical Gulf fish," says Prosanta Chakrabarty, a fish biologist at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.
Fishers who work in the open sea use, preferably, specific gillnets for catching bluefish, croakers, mullet and codling, while those in the north and south bays employ driftnets for white shrimp and gillnets for fishes (SEAP, IBAMA and PROZEE, 2005).
Croakers, invented by Roy Bongartz, also involve the punderful connecting of a statement to a quotation, except that the verb, rather than the adverb, supplies the pun:
Peter Thomas and his colleagues at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas have now shown that some Atlantic croakers (Micropogonias undulatus) in the Gulf of Mexico have underdeveloped sperm and eggs.
Catfish, mullet, jacks, croakers, cowfish, guitarfish, stingrays, crabs and crayfish, are common meals for the lemon shark.
He also reports frogs back in his garden pond on February 11, where last year there were more than 45 croakers.
It wasn't 20 minutes before we began encountering croakers feeding on a slight contour break in 4 feet of water, and I drilled a pair of unsuspecting fish as they munched on crayfish in the crystalline water.
Even if the Terminator himself were to ambush the carpetbagging croakers, which lay up to 20,000 eggs at a time, he'd find himself saying ``I'll be back'' quite regularly.
For the Asian market, meanwhile, it is already producing whole frozen croakers in a whole round form.