crime doesn't pay

crime doesn't pay

Ultimately, crime does not benefit the criminal, and only results in negative consequences. The billboards are designed as reminders that even minor fraud convictions carry serious consequences—crime doesn't pay.
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Crime doesn't pay.

Prov. Crime will ultimately not benefit a person. No matter how tempting it may appear, crime doesn't pay.
See also: crime, pay

crime does not pay

Lawbreakers do not benefit from their actions. For example, Steve didn't think it mattered that he stole a candy bar, but he's learned the hard way that crime does not pay . This maxim, originating as a slogan of the F.B.I. and given wide currency by the cartoon character Dick Tracy, was first recorded in 1927. There have been numerous jocular plays on it, as in Woody Allen's screenplay for Take the Money and Run (1969): "I think crime pays. The hours are good, you travel a lot."
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Tc07310005 Who says crime doesn't pay - should have got prison time.
Who said crime doesn't pay, even for convicted murders?
RE REPORTS OF SEXUAL OFFENCES IN NORTH WALES RISE ALMOST 23% MIKE CHARE: No deterrent anymore, 2yr suspended sentence, 200hrs unpaid work, fines, nothing more than a slap on the wrist, crime doesn't pay.
When your life has been touched in any way by crime you want to know that crime doesn't pay, ever.
THEY say crime doesn't pay, but I think they've got it wrong.
The CPS said: "The judgment is proof of our determination to see that crime doesn't pay.
It begins with A Robber's Tale, focusing on Bruce Reynolds (Luke Evans), who seems to be on a mission to disprove the old saying that crime doesn't pay.
It is encouraging to see that seven in 10 people who responded to the survey after completing a community order said that crime doesn't pay.
Nice people already realise crime doesn't pay and when other people are painting graffiti you are creating crime and it's not having the desired effect.
TWO Merseyside sisters, who went to jail for drug offences, are on a mission to show teenagers that crime doesn't pay.
Whoever said crime doesn't pay is horribly misinformed.
Although crime doesn't pay, as our list reveals, it most certainly pulls in the viewers, and shows like 24 have clearly found the right mix of suspense, drama and action to keep us coming back for more.
If crime doesn't pay, it certainly does cost a lot.
Over the course of several days, George Shandy of San Antonio, Texas, had several run-ins with burglars at a vacant house that he owns, teaching a couple of them that crime doesn't pay.
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