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A screen was placed at the entrance of the corridor, so as to hide it from the view of persons passing on the stairs.
In the corridor he found Valentin and his companion walking towards him.
Presently we approached a great chamber more brightly lighted than the corridors.
Here we waited; nor did we have long to wait, for presently we saw the shadows of two men fall upon the floor of the main corridor athwart the doorway of our hiding place.
Philip and he walked along the corridor again, and an attendant told them where it was.
It is true that we were not supposed to enter the deeper corridors and apartments except on special occasions when we were instructed to do so; but as we were considered a lower order without intelligence there was little reason to fear that we could accomplish any harm by so doing, and so we were not hindered as we entered the corridor which led below.
A long, dark corridor showed before him, but before he had followed it far, his candle burned down until it scorched his fingers.
The stairway and the corridor above were lighted by small flares which revealed several doors in the walls of the upper passageway.
There is but room for a single blade in these narrow corridors," replied the Gatholian.
It would be difficult to guess at the time we spent wandering through those black corridors, climbing steep ascents, feeling our way along the edges of bottomless pits, never knowing at what moment we might be plunged into some abyss and always haunted by the ever-present terror of death by starvation and thirst.
As he passed through the winding corridors and the subterranean apartments, Tarzan saw nothing of the hyenas.
Presently the door commenced to recede before me until it had sunk into the wall fifty feet, then it stopped and slid easily to the left, exposing a short, narrow corridor of concrete, at the further end of which was another door, similar in every respect to the one I had just passed.
He caught up the lamp swiftly, and carried it, flaring red, through the door into the corridor.
The servant turned back when her mistress appeared, and I walked slowly along the corridor, side by side with Mdlle.
A long black shadow was trailing down the corridor.