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corral someone or something

Fig. to herd someone or something into a corral or other enclosed space. It took the cowboys two hours to corral the mustangs. The nursery school teacher herded the kids off the playground and corraled them in the classroom.

corral dust

n. nonsense, lies, and exaggeration. (A euphemism for bullshit.) The way Judy handles the corral dust, she must be running for political office.
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Other talented players on the squad were Michael Baltas, Antonio Corrales, Benjamin Cross, Deni Kreka, Ryan Lanava, Nick McGrath, Isaac Quiles, Oved Rico, Alessandro Romeo, Kofi Sarfo, Kyle Stewart, Henok Kossi Tsomana, Maurice Zelayandia and Ricky Zelayandia.
A month after Corrales beat Castillo, Hatton toppled the great Kostya Tszyu on a night full of passion and courage that those who were there will never forget.
But Goossen and Corrales had parted ways and Goossen did not train Corrales for what would be his last fight, a loss to Joshua Clottey on April 7.
Corrales, 27, courted controversy by spitting out his gum shield after both knockdowns against Castillo to buy extra time from the referee.
And Gary Shaw, promoter of both Corrales and Lacy, has revealed he has already opened talks aimed at securing the biggest bill in British boxing history for Cardiff's Millennium Stadium.
But Corrales believes the most crucial relationship is between the executive branch and the ruling party.
Originally a Carmelite, Corrales served in several parishes in Bogota, Colombia, before moving to Providence in 1996.
The investigation revealed suspicious expenditures, one in 1997 just as the PLN held its convention, and another later in the year as Corrales began his presidential campaign.
Ironically, the attributes that made Corrales one of the most popular and exciting fighters in the world, and provided the Californian slugger with million dollar purses and a badge of honor and respect, were not enough to protect him during his toughest battles of all; the constant fight with his demons outside the ring.
All because Corrales, a gutsy fighter who won titles in two weight classes, lived life outside the ring in the fast lane.
FORMER two-weight world champion Diego Corrales has died in a Las Vegas motorcycle accident exactly two years since his finest moment in the ring.
Across in America, Diego Corrales fights Joshua Clottey in a juicy-looking welterweight battle.
Castillo made his name in two epic lightweight title battles with Diego Corrales and Hatton is convinced their duel will overshadow even Floyd May weather's clash with Oscar De La Hoya in May.
Castillo ( who shot to prominence in two epic lightweight title fights against Diego Corrales ( has vowed to be in his best shape yet for what will prove one of the most hyped fights of the boxing year.
Promoter Mick Hen-nessy expects to match the 32-year-old with the winner of the Juan Lazcano-Vivian Harris contest next month before a lucrative showdown with American puncher and former lightweight world champion Diego Corrales further down the line.