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in connection with something

having to do with a particular thing The police have questioned many people in connection with the fire in the shopping mall.
Related vocabulary: in relation to something
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n. a seller of drugs; someone who is a source for drugs. (Originally drugs.) This connection you keep talking about—is he dependable?

in connection with

In relation to; with respect to; concerning: The mayor's office made no comments in connection with the tax proposal.
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References in classic literature ?
Knowing the sentiments of the father in relation to this people, it was no wonder that the son hesitated to avow his connection with, nay, even his dependence on the integrity of, a Quaker.
Equally out of the question: since I could not pay for admission to the prepared place of accommodation for distinguished people, and could not accept a charitable free pass, in consequence of my high connections.
What his actual connection is with them, and how he came into possession of his information, I have not found out.
development has brought about two things : (1) a series of functional connections among arcs which run from visual receptor to muscles of throat, and (2) a series of already earlier connected arcs which run from the same receptor to the bodily muscles.
Watson, has informed me of what you have communicated, and also of what you have withheld in connection with that matter.
Thorpe's interest in the family, by his sister's approaching connection with one of its members, and his own views on another (circumstances of which he boasted with almost equal openness), seemed sufficient vouchers for his truth; and to these were added the absolute facts of the Allens being wealthy and childless, of Miss Morland's being under their care, and -- as soon as his acquaintance allowed him to judge -- of their treating her with parental kindness.
The fact that the individual has behind and surrounding him proud family history and connection serves as a stimulus to help him to overcome obstacles when striving for success.
How dare you mention the loss of my temper in connection with this case?
The connection between earthquakes and the weather has been often disputed: it appears to me to be a point of great interest, which is little understood.
Short of renouncing your guilty connection with my husband, I suppose you mean?
The majority of the younger men envied him for just what was the most irksome factor in his love--the exalted position of Karenin, and the consequent publicity of their connection in society.
There are circumstances in connection with it which even now puzzle me very much, very much indeed.
This step having been taken, my connection with the matter came to an end.
It is the necessary law of such a story as mine that the persons concerned in it only appear when the course of events takes them up--they come and go, not by favour of my personal partiality, but by right of their direct connection with the circumstances to be detailed.
They are merely intended as directions to the washerwoman, and have no connection with myself or family.
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