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(open) confession is good for the soul

The act of confessing one's misdeeds alleviates stress and guilt. You'll feel better if you just tell mom that you broke the vase. Open confession is good for the soul, after all.
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(Open) confession is good for the soul.

Prov. If you have done something wrong, you will feel better if you confess that you did it. You ought to tell Dad that you broke his radio. Open confession is good for the soul. Sue: I've been so upset about cheating on the exam that I haven't been sleeping nights. Sam: You can do something about it; confession is good for the soul.
See also: confession, good, soul
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That is why when we go to confession to a priest properly authorized to hear confessions, we are convinced that we are confessing our sins not to a mere human being but to Christ Himself.
Among the publications he shared with us was a pamphlet entitled "The Benefits of Confession.
Confessions obtained by foreign officers seldom meet the Connelly threshold because the United States has neither the ability, nor the goal, of controlling foreign police conduct.
I was asked to hear confessions before the papal Mass, and doing so was one of the most profound graces of my life.
An official of the Manila Archdiocese Liturgical Commission has urged regular churchgoers to take advantage of the daily confessions heard in churches to ease the long confession lines during the "Kumpisalang Bayan" (Mass Confessions) designed for those who seldom attend Mass.
The app was launched on 4 August 2014 and allows users to share their secret confessions with people in their connections.
And one asks the obvious question: What were the priests who heard these confessions thinking?
Audience members can expect upgrades in this new facility, which features extra bathrooms, a larger square footage of space, more parking, limited pre-purchased seating, and a press box; all while maintaining the intimate setting that a BedPost Confessions storytelling show requires.
which continues to struggle with its history of race and racism, and should be included in the denomination's Book of Confessions.
Confessions of this sort repeat throughout the novel, insisting that the work we are reading is not an original text but a transcription of one that already exists.
These confessions are made by individuals who falsely confess, but truly believe in their guilt despite objective evidence to the contrary.
Reacting to the judge's query on many defendants' denial of the charges against them, the public prosecutor told the court that the original confessions should be considered valid and the defendants who change their original statements should be confronted with evidences.
Many of the accused had later retracted the confessions, stating they had been coerced to make them, sometimes by torture, it said.
The papers are organized into three sections that explore the extent of the problem of police-induced false confessions and identify the situational and dispositional factors that increase the risk of false confessions; describe current research programs and findings that provide evidence for reforms to the criminal justice system that could help minimize the risk of false confessions; and explore improvements that could be made to Miranda warnings to prevent false confessions, as well as the role of expert psychological testimony on false confessions in the courtroom.
A collateral and more stunning signal to emerge was that a surprising number of the DNA exonerations contained false confessions in evidence.