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commute between (places)

To make a routine trip between one's home and one's place of work or school. Until you relocate, you'll have to commute between Philadelphia and Manhattan every day.
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commute from (some place)

To make a routine trip to one's place of work or school from another location (often where one lives). Until you relocate to Manhattan, you'll have to commute from Philadelphia for work.
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commute (something) into (something)

1. To make a routine trip (typically into a city) to one's place of work or school. Until I relocate, I'll have to commute into Manhattan for work every day.
2. To change or transform something into something else. I doubt that the judge will commute that sentence into a lesser punishment.
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commute between places

to travel between the place where one works and the place where one lives. I have to commute between Chicago and Detroit every week. Mary has commuted between New York City and New Jersey for years.
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commute from some place

to travel to work from some place. I commute from way out in the country. Betty commutes from only a few miles away and will be here very soon.
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commute something into something

to change something into something. No one, as it turns out, can commute lead into gold. I had hoped to commute this argument into a sensible discussion, but it is hopeless.
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In particular, commuting more than 10 miles to work was linked with high blood pressure.
The expanding size of metropolitan areas is having substantial repercussions for commuting and travel time.
This article uses commuting expenses as a case study.
It's hard to know where to begin to respond to Margy Waller's bizarre proposal to spend $100 billion to support auto commuting.
Programs have recently been implemented with a major emphasis on safer routes to school and improved traffic patterns, both of which allow greater opportunity for active commuting (Staunton, Hubsmith & Kallins, 2003; Zaccari, 2003).
In what little spare time he has, often when he is waiting for transportation and commuting, Kartik indulges in his favorite outside activities--reading and listening to Indian music.
And now the RAC Foundation is calling on the Government to take a fresh look at commuting .
A taxpayer commuting between his residence and a temporary work location outside the metropolitan area where the taxpayer lives and normally works can deduct daily transportation expenses as business expenses.
Runners interested in commuting on foot are urged to choose a safe, convenient and pleasant route, and to plot the basics in advance--where to shower, which clothes to change into, and how to get home.
The Partnership for a Smog-Free Georgia (PSG) is a state-sponsored program to reduce the number of days that ground-level ozone exceeds the national ambient air quality standard (NAAQS) in metropolitan Atlanta by providing federal and state subsidized commuting alternatives for local business employees.
They are commuting contractors--project managers, job supervisors, engineers and the like--who are on their way to the office.
As an alternative, commuters may change job or residence in order to decrease commuting costs.